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Why Am I A Scratch Post?

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Well sort of a scratch post .she keeps coming up to me , stretching out her paws and lightly scratching on my leg I know she could do it much harder if she wanted to ...what is she telling me?

Gary says I'm a scratch post cuz he is her bed lol
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Spanky and Oscar started doing that with me. I noticed after a few weeks that I would pick them up and coddle them when they did that (I was rewarding their behavior). I quickly stopped that, shooed them down when they did it, then when they were relaxed, picked them up and put them in my lap for lovin'.

With mine, they were just looking for attention.
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My baby Tiger does that sometimes, but it's been when he's been playful and friskey, I think he's using me as a 'toy' to get attention, vs the 'scratching post' reason...
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She is simply marking you, not scratching you. They have scent pads in their paws and when they stretch like that and scratch they leave their mark on you- okay, so they also leave other marks on you too! But it really is a form of adoration, saying You are MINE. I simply remove the kitten that is doing this and walk away when they do it to me.
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well now I feel honored , and I will shoo her a bit then give her some lovin
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My cat was doing that to my leg, usually when I was sitting at the computer, and I just shood him away. Then one day he just kept coming back, I finally stood up and said what do you want????? He meowed, took a few step, meowed. I followed, which is what he wanted. His dish was empty!! He uses that "touch" all the time now. He leads me to the window he wants opened, to turn the kitchen tap on for a drink, to get past his brother (the alpha cat) who's lying in the hallway blocking the entrance to the bedroom where he wants to take a nap, to the "brushing spot" or to the kitchen counter where the treats are (he does't always get one). His brother pushes his head on my leg to get my attention for most of the same reasons. Not just a rub, this has force! Between the 2 of them I spend a good chunk of the day being told what to do! Feed me, brush me, open this door, make him move. They are indoor cats and I, apparently, am their entertainment. My advise is to shoo the little gal away and don't look into her eyes. Save yourself!
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