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Forum Realllllly Slow...Sometimes

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First dont shoot the messenger Ive noticed the forums boging down it can take 3 + minutes sometimes to load a page or have a post ...post . Ive done some tracerouts / pings and the server reply time (during the bog ) is really high .

is TCS on its own server or VDS/VPS? , I did a check on the company your with and saw a few concerning things ...sometimes these bogs can be a warning sign ... if you go to http://www.webhostingtalk.com and do a search on your hosts name you can find the same info.

Im only trying to give you the heads up , TCS has become important to me and I just want to see it run smoothly

PS I just want to say this aloud I am not trying to get you to switch to me , TCS would require more than I could provide but I do know of some good hosts if this becomes more of a problem.
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We are on a dedicated server.
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I have been noticing the same things for quite a while and I have DSL. TCS often doesn't load as quickly as other sites do. For the members who still have dial-up, this must be a big problem.
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Hey guys, yes we were down and have been a bit in the last couple of weeks. Please know that our host server is aware of it and they are launching an investigation as to what is happening. If the server goes down, and it is really early in the a.m. 3:00 a.m. Chicago time, then it is maintanance being done at that time, and you just need to sit on your hands for about an hour before coming back.

As soon as I know the site is not working, I am on the phone with our host server. Being that we are not one of their free server clients, but we have a dedicated line, they really do drop everything and try and get us back.

Anne and I just ask for your patience and understanding until this is resolved.

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Thanks for the reply hissy
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I dont know if you have a server monitor but this one is free and might be something TCS might like to use

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