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Does your cat snore?

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Last night I was reading a book, with the TV turned down low and i heard this funny sound. I looked over and Lucy was sleeping on the sofa next to me, snoring. It sounded like a half squeak/purr/mewl

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Yeah, Mozart snores, especially when he's flipped over (like hubby). Both he and Pixie also have these little grunting sighs too.

EDIT: SNORT!!!! Thanks, Cheryl! That's the word I was trying to come up with (really late at night). Little grunting snorts. My silly cats.
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My Max snores too! He sleeps in the bed with us and there are nights when I have to wake him up because he's snoring too loud! He also makes all sorts of strange grunting noises. I call him my snort boy!
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My cat doesn't snore, but sometimes she makes the same noise as when she sees a bird. I guess she's dreaming about chasing a bird!?!?
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My 9 year old kitty Rein doesn't really snore, but she does snort when you pet her. We call her our little piggy!!
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Kuce snores but Sphinx doesn't. She's done that since we adopted her so I don't think her weight has much to do with it. She isn't but 1 lb over what she should be but we're working on getting her back down to normal.
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Neko snores, moans, grunts, and squeeks when he is sleeping! He is so cute.
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My Buddy snores too.. He is so cute when he does.. I think when he snores he is in a very deep sleep.. Hehehe.
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My Mischa snores loud enough to wake the neighbouhood! None of the others snore at all, just Mischa. I have to prod her in the night to turn her over but it doesnt always work cos off she goes again
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I just love my cats to dealth.. I really don't know what I would do with out them.. My bud snores loud enoug where I can hear him.. LOL
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Em snores too. Its cute for about 5 mins, then it starts to get annoying and loud! But I let him sleep and coo all over him.
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Oooh yes. My Siamese snores loudly. She sleeps on my pillow on top of my head. Hubby always thinks its me!!! One of my newbies is a snorer as well but only on her back and she is much quieter!

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Princess has started snoring in the last few years...I figured it started suddenly because she's getting older. (She'll be 16 in April.)
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The Sammycat snores so loud that I have on occassions accused my hubby of it. The Sammycat sounds like he is stacking up fire wood for the winter,he has that buzzsaw thing going on.
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Since it was a cold, wet, Sunday afternoon, I decided the best place to spend it was curled up in bed with a good book. JC came and joined me. He crawled under the covers, and curled up on my backside. After a couple of minutes his purrs turned into really loud snores. It was really funny, because he snored for about ninety minutes, and probably would have continued if I hadn't have had to change my position (14 lbs. of cat on your backside isn't all that comfortable for long periods!).
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Sam sounds like a 400 pound drunken truck driver when he sleeps. I can hear him in the evening and hes usually all sprawled out flat on his back, mouth hanging open, on my pillows in the bedroom. I wonder though, is snoring associated with sinuses and adnoids as it is in children?--Do cats even have adnoids?
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both of mine snore too
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