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Need a kitty dentist.

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I was looking at Lucy's mouth today, she has one broken tooth (her right 'fang' broke off at the tip several years ago) and I like to keep an eye on it. I noticed that the gum at the top was swollen about twice the size as the same gum on her opposite 'fang' There was also a small red spot on the side of the gum just above where the tooth meets the gumline. Other than that the gum is the same color as the other side, just swollen. I tapped on the tooth with a pair of tweezers and it didn't seem to hurt her any (like when the dentist taps on our tooth with his little metal thingy) she doesn't seem to have any trouble eating her dry food or drinking water, and she's not exhibiting any strange behavior. Is this normal.

Also, is it normal for a cat to have one eye be darker than the other, she has golden brown eyes, but the right one is about 3 shades darker. She doesn't seem to have any trouble seeing out of it.

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I would contact these people and make an appointment. Just because you cat does not show pain, does not mean she isn't in pain. Cats are very adept at masking pain until the pain becomes to intense for them to hide it.

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Well, I took poor Lucy to the vet today, she was complaining all the way, they said that she probably had an infection. I got some medicine for her, some antibiotics and anti inflammitory. Geez was 130 bucks for 2 shots and some medicine in a syringe that I have to wrestle her to take. If this doesn't work, It's gonna be 500 for an extraction or about the same for a root canal. So what should I do, her tooth is broken, but would she be better off with a root canal and half a broken tooth, or no tooth at all?

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If she were my cat, and it came down to a root canal or an extraction, I would go with the extraction. That's just my preference.
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I think i would go for the extraction also, it's not is if they have vanity like us lot, plus it's stressful for us to have a root canal never mind a cat!.

I hope poor Lucy feels better soon Sang, she will now that she has her medicine.

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