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Do you feed canned catf food to your cat?

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How many give their cats canned cat food?
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I give it for a special treat every now and then, like birthdays. But mostly purina indoor cat chow, they love it!
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actually, my cats love the whiskas choice cuts pouches, that and sliced deli turkey are their favorite treats, otherwise it's mainly science diet light. That stuff is expensive, but I've heard that it's the best food for them.

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My babies get a nice little wet food treat once a month. but other then that it just plain ol Dry food.
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I was wondering because my cat Summer eats Nutro dry. I also have been giving her 1/4 of a can of fancy feast a day. (this is what she was on for a year at the shelter, and my vet said it was fine) I alternate giving beef, chicken, and turkey flavors. Recently, she only eats a little and only if it;s a freshly opened can...why the change? Why is she suddenly more finicky? I don't just "give in" and give her what she wants, I try what's left until it's gone at her feeding times. Should I even bother with the canned anymore? Nutro is a good brand. Oh, I've tried other brands of canned food (not all at once) when I first got her, and she barely touched anything else. Any advice?
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I feed mine both a large spoonful of canned twice a day and dry the rest of the time. I feel its important that they get wet food as well. Wet food has the necessary moisture that they need in case they dont drink much water. Less chance of UTI's. (so I've heard).
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They get wet and dry food everyday.
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I only feed my cat dry food. She has no problem drinking water so I'm not worried about her not getting enough moisture in her diet.
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Jeeps has wet and dry food every day.
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I feed Kolohe and Koa dry food everyday (Eukanuba Kitten formula: Chicken & Rice). And will give them canned food twice a week, as a treat. They especially love the canned food. Haha!
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I don't normally feed my cats wet food- but my kitten Shaedi has been getting Iams canned kitten food to get her back from the brink of dehydration and get proper nutrition into her quickly. She still has tiny baby teeth, so its easier for her to eat.

I've been debating on whether to give the boys canned food along with their dry, which I keep down all the time. They certainly love it- but I worry about their teeth. I've been told it causes dental problems.
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I feed three of my cats, a can of Pro Plan wet food, divided among the three, once a day. Isis, my fourth, won't eat any type of wet(or human) food, dry Pro Plan only. She is VERY finicky. So I guess, either way is fine as long as your cat is drinking enough water when eating only dry food.
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My cats are getting dry Eukanuba Kitten food free fed. They also split a 3 ounce can of Nutro Gourmet Classics every other day. Zach (the kitten) will only eat some of the flavors so sometimes my adult cat Josie gets the whole can. I am thinking of giving them one 3 ounce can per day instead of every other day, but I'm not sure if I should feed them that much wet food.
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We feed our cats half a can of Fancy Feast a day and they LOVE it.
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I split a can of Fancy Feast three ways twice a day, and free feed them dry. It's a balance I happened on years ago and has seemed to work for all my cats over the years. If it ain't broke...

Tastes have varied over that time. For instance, there was a period in which the bestest possible wet food was anything in sauce -- ooooooooooooooo yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! The current crew look at such offerings -- and then at me -- as if I just flew in from Mars. What THEY want is Fancy Feast, but don't mess with the "Fancy" varieties, thank you -- the soft ones, please, we'll get our jaw action from the dry food, thanks -- and NO FISH!! (Thank God they at least AGREE amongst themselves, and nobody has special dietary needs!)
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My cats get both dry and wet catfood everyday.
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My cats are free-fed dry and get approx. 1 ounce of wet food the evening.
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We feed Amber canned/wet food for dinner - 98% of the time fish flavour. During the day it's dry food.
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My kittens eat Nutro Natural Choice dry, free-fed, and we feed several different brands of wet food in the evenings--they will usually split a 3 oz. can or 1/2 of a larger can. They like all flavors and really love canned food.
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Our 2 get canned most of the time, with dry as a treat. I got in this habit when our female wasn't able to eat dry for a year after she had panluekemia. I still don't think she could eat dry exclusivly. Our male's coat smell improved so much after we had him on canned food for a few weeks, so I didn't see any point in messing with success. They get Wellness most of the time.
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My vet recommends canned food nightly for the liquid.
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My boys get Royal Canin indoor formula dry food every day about once a week I'll give them a treat of wet food. I take a small can & split it in 1/2 between the two of them. I had been feeding science diet wet food, but decided to try the nuetro pouch food. Well to say they loved it might be an understatement. I thought they were going to knock me over as soon as I opened the pouch. I tried differnt canned foods, but they seem to perfer the ones with gravy so that's probably why they like the pouch food so much. If your cat doesn't have a problem with hydration & doesn't like wet food then just dry is fine. My last cat Smokey wouldn't touch canned food with a 10 foot pole so she just ate dry & she lived to be 17.
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According to Dr. Fox, cats need to have wet food in their diet. He said a diet of only dry food can lead to diabetes. He gave some other reason's but I can't remember what they are.

Dr. Fox is a veterinarian who has a weekly column in newspapers. I find his advice is usually right on.
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My cat gets canned food too. He had a urinary tract infection about a year ago, and we were told to put him on wet food so he gets enough moisture in his diet. It seems to work out well. He ate nothing but canned food for a year, but just recently we've switched to dry in the morning, and canned at night.
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I feed half dry (in the morning) and half canned (in the evening). JC will only eat out of little (3 ounce) cans. He prefers dry food, but many dry foods have too many "plants" as ingredients for my taste, and I worry about him getting enough mosture.
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Shadow and Graycie are such fussy eaters that we can't feed them only once of twice a day, it ends up about five or six times, and it is dry mixed with canned. They love the canned in sauces and right now are eating, Chicken and Liver flavored (looks disgusting).

Graycie was only able to eat roast chicken, and this really expesive dry hair ball formula food. So we would roast him a chicken every week.

What e do for our cats
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I feed both dry and canned daily because I want them to be used to both kinds in case they ever need to be on a prescription diet. I once had a kitty who only ate dry and changing him to a canned prescription diet was almost impossible. So I haven't made that mistake again. Becky
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Originally posted by Ellie
According to Dr. Fox, cats need to have wet food in their diet. He said a diet of only dry food can lead to diabetes. He gave some other reason's but I can't remember what they are.

Dr. Fox is a veterinarian who has a weekly column in newspapers. I find his advice is usually right on.
The dry food itself doesn't cause diseases as long as it is a high quality food. Many factors are involved. A cat on a dry food diet has to drink a lot to avoid problems such as crystals in the urine. The level of Magnesium has to be correct and the Ph-level has to be correct.

Swedish new studies shows that cats that only eat canned food more often have problems with theis teeth than cats that eat dry food.

I believe the best thing is to give both canned food and dry food if one doesn't want to make the cat food oneself.

I feed my cats dry food at the moment but I'm slowly switching over to homemade food.
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I keep Science Diet adult chicken & rice dry food down for Dori all the time. I just keep her bowl filled so she can eat it whenever she wants to. Every morning when I wake up I give her half a package of the Friskies fine cuts. She loves the Friskies, if I am not up feeding her by 6am she bites my elbows to wake me up. I am thinking of making an appointment to talk to the vet though because since she got spayed she eats alot. I have to fill her dry food bowl up every evening, but before she got spayed she never ate more than half on a daily basis. She was small before she got spayed, but I think she must weigh 3 times what she did then and it's only been 2 months!
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Sierra gets 50% amore preprepared raw salmon, rabbit and veggies, about 40% Innova Lite canned and the remainder Innova Lite dry usually as snacks and in her treat-and-play ball. I've read many advantages of wet food over dry due to its nutrient and moisture content. Sierra agrees! She by far prefers it over dry.
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