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Stray cat turned indoor

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About a year ago I adopted a cat (Geppetto) from the SPCA who had a wound on his back because he used to be a stray. He is so friendly and will approach anyone if they are welcoming. He definitely loves me and during winter had very little desire if any to go outside but now that the weather is getting nicer he will stand by the door and whine, clearly wanting to go out. He got out one time when i was not home on my parents and he did come back 1.5 hours later with a  small dead present for me. That experience has just made him want to go out even more. Obviously I try to keep him interested inside with a cat tree, window beds, toys, etc but he still wants to relive his old days. 


Part of me wants him to be happy and let him out. but I live in the country and if anything happened to him or even if he didn't come back one night I would never forgive myself or be able to sleep! He has his claws, but like I mentioned he was injured when I got him so that also scares me. I just don't know what I can do to keep him happy. It doesn't help that my family is always working on the lawn so he sees everyone outside and wants to go out. I just don't know what I can do. I don't want to give him but maybe I should.


I just want to hear if anyone has any tips or personal stories similar to mine and what I can and should do?


- Ryan and Geppetto

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If Geppetto isn't neutered by any chance, that's very important to take care of first!


You are right to not want to let him outside. There are so many different dangers outside for a domestic cat, and it is not worth risking his safety that much. Have you given any thought to harness and leash training? It would be a good way to take him outside while having complete supervision. Sometimes I just sit out on the porch with my cat on her leash and she's content sit and just spend time outside (whereas she complains incessantly when she's just a few feet away on the other side of the door!). More active cats can go on long walks with their people on a leash!


Another option is to construct a "catio," which is an outdoor enclosure that a cat can roam around in safely, but that requires a lot more work and construction know-how.

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