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I signed the petition as well as sent emails to the various links to mayors that is on the website (although one didn't go through, unfortunately).
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Thanks so much for helping everyone!

We're still not out of the woods, but the public pressure sure helped! The minister of interior had intervened and so far there were no new poisonings. The matter is still up though. Local authorities' vets can still decide to exterminate cats by poison so far I think there were no new cases of rabies, so hopefully things will settle down. As soon as they find the next case, it'll probably start all over again. So, the campaign continues to ban the poisonings altogether. You can read more news at the CWSI website -

Thanks again for all your help!
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That was the most horrible thing i have ever seen! What can we do to stop this awful act? I feel that we shoul dhelp, but how?
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There's a list of things you can do here:

Thank you for your help!
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I signed the petition, but could not watch the video. The picture of that poor cat was heart breaking enough. When I see things like this done by humans, it makes me almost hate people. The only true loving human beings are the people who love and care for animals. I only trust people that love all Gods creatures. If you have a heart for animals, you will also treat people with love. May God bless that poor cat and all the others who have suffered in the hands of cruel people.
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Do you mean the vets over there will use THAT SAME POISON to exterminate the cats later on if needed??

If they INSIST on putting cats to sleep, why don't they use the painless and QUICK medience instead of that painful poison??? (I don't know the name of the medience but I know vets here uses it to put cats to sleep painlessly and quickly when the cats are too sick or need to be pts..)

HOPE my question is not too blunt or dumb? If it is, pls pardon me..
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[font=arial] I'm so sad to see that something like that could happen.
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What they did is they put the poison out on the streets for the feral cats (and some pet cats and dogs who were outside) to find and eat. They didn't trap the cats so they didn't "put them to sleep". They simply poisoned them with a pesticide In most instances there wasn't a vet attending, only animal control people who can't inject anything to the cats anyway. The animal welfare people over here are arguing that this whole procedure was illegal as at the very least, once the animals collapsed they should have been brought to a veterinary clinic and put to sleep humanely. Of course the animal welfare people also insist that killing the cats was unecessary in the first place.
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They also poisoned them with something that there is no antidote for. It is a horrible way to die.
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Anne, thanks so much for the updates. I'm still so sick over this whole thing. I can't imagine what you and others who care are going through over there. It's just revolting.
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Orangez- I merged your thread in with the others one dealing with this horrible situation.
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I watch the Daniel Pearl video. My father is a Pathologist so I am used to dealing with death. I didn't cry. I am crying now. There is something seriously wrong with the Israelis, very serious. I live in a very backward County in Northern Arizona, redneck capital of the world. If you have two brain cells to rub together you are considered a genius. This would never happen here. You can't even posion coyotes and I live in ranching country, and that has been on the books since at least 1969.

We not only deal with rabies here we also have case of Bubonic Plague and still we don't use poison.

The cold hard brutal truth is that Israel is really a Third World County. NO OTHER FIRST WORLD country has been given over a Trillion dollars by the U.S. With out the U.S, Israel wouldn't survive. What is wrong with Israel?????

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ok to me this whole thing is stupid because first of all the person with the DARN camera could at least stop and help the poor little thing instead of video taping its suffering for 2 minutes!
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The video was made to get the word out about what is happening there. The cat couldn't be helped because what they are using there is no antidote.

Do not condemn a whole country of people for the actions of a few. The United States has that happen quite often and look at the result of that misguided thinking that something is wrong with the entire country because of what a few people in power decide to do. If you are angry than do something. Write to newspapers, your congressman, someone. If the video has spurred you into this type of emotion, the cameraman has done his job and the cat did not die for nothing!
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Just wanted to add that in instances where volunteers of animal welfare organizations tried to interfere they have been arrested and prosecuted, so it was not even possible to take the cat and put him to sleep humanely.

Goblin, like I PM'd you - please do write your representative about it. I am not going to defend my country's actions regarding this issue - no way! I do disagree with some of your general statements regarding Israel, but this is not the forum for this. If you wish to start a debate on the Israeli-US relations, or anything else generally related to Israel, you're welcome to do so in the IMO forum.
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I would like to mention that the law that allows for that is a law of the British mandate after 1919 and before 1948 (I presume it was made by the British governor), so I guess we can't even totally blame the Israeli parliament for anything other than being negligent.

We cannot blame an entire country for something. We have had such things in the U.S. until shortly ago.

The best way to help, is to sign those petitions. The only people who can change that law would be the Israeli parliament and the Israeli Prime Minister. Such may be able to convince them. Signatures from all over the world help even more as they see "We are getting quite a bad reputation with the animal community abroad".
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I dont want to see, don't want to know details but I have an idea of what yall are talking about. I will say keep in mind many shelters here in the US continue to use GAS on unwanted dogs and cats That's no pretty death.
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