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I feel sick to my stomach

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I knew it would make me feel bad. And even softened by subtitles and editing, it is still one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life.


I am torn between warning you people against watching it and urging you to watch it so you too will be witnesses to the crime. Please do visit the link - it's not a direct link to the video, only a link to the page that has the video on it. It's too much even for me to describe it. It's guaranteed to break your heart - hopefully it will also make you act, sign the petition and maybe get more people to do so.

I am so sorry I have to post it. Poor kitty - may you rest in peace in your new home over the bridge...
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I can't bring myself to watch it, I know it would kill me. It is so hard to beleave people can kill another living feeling animal
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I can't watch it either
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I clicked on your link last night Anne. I will describe the events of the video clip, and I promise, not graphically. Simply what happenned.

I watched the video and it made me feel a rage beyond description. I couldn't believe the method used to end the life of the cat in the video. It's two minutes of time firmly imprinted in my mind.

The method used is barbaric. It's not a beating, it's not setting the cat on fire, it's not drowning, it's not suffocation. It is a poison that delivers a slow and torturous death.

The video clip names the poison used is alphachlorolose, a chemical banned for such use in all modern countries. The death sequence lasts for many hours. In the video, six children from a nearby school witnessed the death of this particular cat. After this cat died, it was placed in a plastic bag to be taken away to be disposed of. There was no dignity in death for this cat.

Chemicals Poisonous to Cats Click on Alphachlorolose for a short list of description of what it does to a cat. No graphic photos, simply text.

Here is a link to some information of what is occuring in Israel. There are no graphic photos or videos, just the cold hard truth.


I signed the petition. I hope many others do as well.
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I have signed the petition as well and urge others to do so. Perhaps countries banding together in a unified love can stop the atrociites occurring right now in Israel........
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I signed the petition also
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That is just HORRIABLE!!!! I signed the petition. And sent it out in email to all my friends and family. Hopefully something will be done for these poor kitties.
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I signed the petition before I just watched this and all I can say is I am sick over how this government is treating cats , a fine lesson they are teaching to those children who were also in the clip
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I signed the petition also
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I really could not watch the video...but i did sign the petition..

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I signed the petition. I couldn't watch the video.
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I both watched the video, which sickened me, and signed the petition. How barbaric!
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I want to cry.
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I couldn't bring myself to watch that horrorible video. I Did however sign the petition! Just seeing the link to the video made me ill. I can't believe that they would poison a cat in FRONT of children! I wonder what those kids think of animals now? Poor cat AND poor kids, needless suffering for both!
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I can't watch the video or look at the images.

I signed the petition also.
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I can't believe it... its sickening. I could not bring myself to watch the video. I have signed the petition.
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I signed the petition a while ago, but we at www.SaveSamoa.org and www.StrayPetAdvocacy.org wanted to help spread the word about what is going on.

If anyone here has a website and wants to use this banner, feel free to use it. Just please download the graphic and upload it to your own site. Obviously, it is linked to the petition page on our sites.

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speechless...can't stop the tears...signed the petition
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I could just look at the picture of the poor cat lying in the street and that was enough for me.

I signed the petition though, with great pleasure.

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Thank you for your help everyone - and thank you Heidi for that wonderful banner!

I am so sorry for each one of us who has to watch that horrendous video clip. It really is something no animal lover should ever have to see. More importantly, it's something no cat should ever go through! I knew about the situation for a long time now, but only when I saw the video did it finally sink in - how much pain and misery are involved.
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Anne....you should also post this on the Petfinder message board:


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Anne? Can post the link to the article in Hebrew that mentioned that the Home Minister (?) is pro TNR? That'd be very helpful to Gary & I. Thanks. (Signed the petition, but want to do more).
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I signed the petition. I feel so bad for these cats!!! I am sending up prayers!!!!!!!
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Laurie - that article was published in "Yediot Aharonot" on 11-2-03. They don't have a web version. Gary may want to have a look at the Hebrew version of the CWSI site - there's a new section there: www.cats.org.il

Katie - I will do that - thank you!
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Anne, I emailed the link to several people. I could post it on some German forums, but am unsure how the Israeli government would react to a bunch of signatures from Germany. What do you think?
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I think posting it all over the world is important. Signatures from Germany are just as good in my book (realizing the sensitivity involved, but maybe that would make them think a little more about it).

I'm starting a chain email about the subject. Anyone who wants a copy please email me at anne@thecatsite.com and put "cat poisoning email" as the subject line. I'll email you back with the email that you can then forward on the internet. Posting it on any forums all over the world would be much appreciated.

I just learned that another mass poisoning is planned for tomorrow near the town of Netanya - God help those poor kitties! There will be volunteers there trying to get the poison away so no animals touch it. But I suspect the authorities will call in the police and once the activitists are arrested, the poisoning will take place
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I signed the petition. I could not look at the video.
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I posted the link at several message boards that I visit. I hope we get a real uprising over this. It is just so heartbreaking.
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I also signed the petition but could not watch the video. I get very emotional when it comes to animals being abused and hurt.
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I signed the petition. I feel so sick and just cant understand the cruelty that goes on in this world.
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