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I don't know, that might be something to consider. I am still a bit overwhelmed by the whole situation, so I am not thinking as clearly as I should be. Thank god for Zoloft and Wellbutrin, or I don't know HOW I'd be dealing with this right now!
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Here is a hug for you

Everything will work out in the end.
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Thanks, Kellye, much appreciated!!!!!

Seriously, you guys are awesome, I am so grateful for the prayers, hugs, thoughts and kind words.
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Another hug from me... this one is too big to attach!

Sending vibes from Puerto Rico.
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If you do plan on driving cross country to CA & you happen to go through Nebraska, you guys are more than welcome to stay at my place for a few days if you need to. Lincoln is right off of Interstate 80 (actually you go right through the Northern part of Lincoln). I don't have an extra bed, but I can always hook you guys up with an air mattress & all 18 kitties are more than welcome also! But...don't tell my landlord!

Just please know that the offer stands if you need to, ok? I wish you guys the very best!
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Sue, I am so sorry to hear this! I wish I could help you in some way, but I guess I´m a bit to far away...so I am sending you a ((((HUGE HUG)))) and hope thing will turn out for the best. I think the California idea has a lot of positive things, you will get a new experience and try living in a different part of the country, it´s nice to get to a new surroundings and start again, you´d have a secure home, and surely some moral support from your in-laws....there are more, I really think it´s a good idea.
Good luck, keep us posted! You know we are all here for you!
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Well, it looks like CA is on hold. Tybalt's mom agrees that if it is the only option, we can come out here, but the idea of our 18 kitties and her 9 mingling is a bit more than she can handle right now! She is going to send some money to help get through the bankruptcy filing, and then if we need money month to month, she will help out.

Thank you all for the good thoughts, vibes, etc, and mostly for the hugs! I will keep you all updated. Will talk to the lawyer tomorrow and tell him we care going ahead with the motion to beg permission for me to file one more bankruptcy. Keep your fingers crossed that the judge is in a good mood the day we go to court!
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Sue, I am sorry the CA option is only and "if all other fails" option, I really thought that was a good idea. But it is so nice of your MIL to offer to help and send you money.
(((((((Hope you´ll find a good solution)))))
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I know, I was starting to look forward to no more snow shovelling, ever!
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Would you consider to permanently move to CA, or would you consider this as short term thing, and then move back asap?
Just wondering, if you consider moving there permanently, that would make staying with your in-laws more "necessary", since you would then just be staying with them untill you´d find a house of your own over there, and if they are willing to send you money, they might also be willing to help you to get on your own feet over there....
Well, just a thought
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I'm sending mega good luck vibes, thoughts & prayers to ya Sue! Just remember, my offer still stands if you need a place to crash if you come through Nebraska.
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Glad to hear there was a silver lining above the clouds of doom! great news indeed!
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Shell, thanks! If we are ever in NE, we will absolutely stop in!

For now, we're hanging in here in PA...
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<---aka good luck finger!
I hope things go good for you in court! cause with all the passion you have for other humans: being a register nurse, and mom to many cats, you definitely could use the big break! I'm all rooting for you!
And what an admirable person your Mother in Law is for helping you and Tybalt.
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That would be more then great if it works out .

I will be praying for you all
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Hmmm. California was sounding like a solution, but with help from Tybalt's mom, maybe you'll be able to turn this around without having to uproot. Hard to know what's best, isn't it?? One step at a time, and we're here for you. Take care.
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Good luck. I hope that it all works out.
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You know, it's times like this that i wish i were a lottery winner so i could help!.

Stick with it Sue, things can only get better, it probably wont seem like it, but it will!.

Sending you a hug and a headbutt from Rosie

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Oh Sue I am so sorry to hear about all of this. Have just read through and for what its worth I think the idea of a second hand RV and moving to Tybalts mothers is a very good option. You will have breathing space (if nothing else) You obviosly get along and I'm sure all of you know it is not forever. It is the same over here re the rental situation, credit rating etc. Things must have looked 100 times as bad a couple of days ago. Remember you do have choices - they are just a bit limited thats all. You can both work-nurses are always in demand everywhere (do you get more money if you temp. CA does not sound that bad, sunshine and all. The decision re the kitties is not really a decision is it - they go with you no matter what.
Whatever you decide my thoughts are with you all and I just know you will pull through this one. If this situatiuon is bad always remember that the next one will be good.
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Sue, for the only reason I haven't tried sending a check to you to help you out, is that I am not old enough to legally sign a check .

It seems more and more that the best option is to go to California. But I think that I have got a strategy to go through once you get to California.

Credit Bureaus often don't care wether you work or not if you have got a very, very good credit history. Now, your credit history, although not impossible to rebuild, it is hard, very hard.

In your hubby's case its easier to rebuild. Once you get there sit back and relax a while, forget a bit about all the bad things and rest a few months.

After that you should try to get, under your hubby's name one of those store credit cards. Many stores who offer their own credit lines, such as Sears, JC Penny, and Kmart, to name a few do not have as strict requirements as would American Express or a Mortage lender. So he would be able to get one. Take one from a store where you buy regularly. (If you buy a lot in Kmart, and never stepped inside Sears then get one from Kmart and forget Sears)

Once he has that then you two should use it regularly with things that you buy from the store, but only things that you could buy with cash if you needed to, not things that you cannot pay in a single payment. Make sure to pay off the debt every month. If possible and you think you can manage it, get two store cards, but not more. you don't want to make it hard to track your debts.

After six months or a year, then your hubby, ought to be able to get a secured Mastercard. A secure credit card is one that you have to have a deposit in the bank which equals the spending limit of the credit card, so that if you don't pay the bank takes hold of the account as collateral. Try applying for a secured Master Card. If he gets it, then keep using it the same responsible way you were using the store cards. If he does not get it, keep using the store cards to get a good credit history for him and within a few months apply again.

Due to the problem that he has not worked in a long time, he could try getting a job, even if it’s a part time job, he has a steady, legal income which will put the creditors cooler.

Once you are in your feet financially, and can afford to, that credit history will allow you to get housing and such under his name.

What do you think of the idea?
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Sue I'm still sending those vibes. Maybe Cali doesn't sound so bad, I hope Barbs house is big. and hopefully the cats will get on.. Good luck!
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My first reaction was that there was no way you could put 18 cats together with 8 resident cats, but on further thought, all of these cats are obviously experienced in coming to terms with other cats, so it might not be all too dramatic (I've seen this work in our local "cat home", where the kitties aren't caged).
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CA is on hold for now. See my thread "Update on my situation" for the details.

Looks like I am here in PA for the duration.
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I merged this thread and your update thread.
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Here I was searching for the "Updated" thread and I couldn't find it and then I realised it was merged in this thread, Sue I really do hope things work out for you, Is Barb along way away(yeh I know in california) but is that along way from where you live?
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I am so sorry that your attorney messed things up like they did. I know what you are going through with housing and money. Upon my divorce I was left with appx $50,000 in debts and even had several criminal charges brought against me for check deception and failure to appear for court hearings that I didnt even know about. Just when things started to look up, they would crash to rock bottom again. My advice to you is to try to find a pro bono attorney or try to go through legal aid if its available in your area. I know most foreclosures will not proceed if you have retained legal representation for the cause. I'm sure, like everyone else here, if I had $30K to send I certainly would. Other than that, stay strong and remember, if God brought you to it He will bring you through it. You and your family are in my prayers and I know things will work out one way or another.

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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Is Barb along way away(yeh I know in california) but is that along way from where you live?
Only about 3000 miles

We would have done it nonstop, trading off driving, and made it in less than 3 days. It would have been hard, but the less time the kitties are stressed the happier I am.

But it looks like the kitties aren't going anywhere!
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Originally posted by Abby7625
I'm sure, like everyone else here, if I had $30K to send I certainly would.

I would never ever ever ask for money from you guys. But the thought is incredibly touching that you would send it. Major hugs to all of you.
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Says a prayer for Sue, Tybalt and the 18 cats

Later on, I'll pray some more

- Alex
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Really glad that things are starting to move upawards for you all. Hang on in there, think positive (which is easier said than done) and remember everyone here is thinking of you and willing the best.
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