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Has anyone heard of this

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In Cat Fancy there is a reference to a Cat Seat made by Kevin Rymer. Has anyone heard of this? It sounds facinating. Better than the cat toilet thingy.

I do wish they would tell you how to contact these people or where to find the things they tell you about.

Thanks for anyone who might have info
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A cat seat? I don't get Cat fancy(Never heard of it until TCS) so would it be possible there's a link on the net about it? TIA.
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I saw that in "Cat Fancy", too, but didn't see where you could buy it. Actually, it seemed a bit complicated. A friend of mine trained her first cat to use the toilet in her powder room by putting a child's potty seat on it, and depositing some of his turds in the toilet. That was 23 years ago. Since then, she's had about ten cats (usually about 3 or 4 at any one time), and they all have used the toilet instead of litter boxes. The new cats see the old cats do it that way, and follow suit. None of them flush, though. I tried it with JC, because he's one smart cat (makes long distance calls), but he tends to put toys, papers, etc., in the toilet when the lid is open, so I had to drop the idea.
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Cat Fancy doesn't seem to have a web site. At least it didn't load. I tried once several years ago with a contraption to train my cat but it wasn't near as neat as this one sounds.

Yeah, Chewy probably would too.

I caught him today when I was changing clothes sitting in the middle of my bed peeing. Just as unconcerned as he could be. I am going to disown him if he doesn't quit. It's not like he doesn't use his box.
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Hermoine - please don't disown Chewy for peeing on the bed - have you had him checked out by a vet for doing that? Oftentimes when they do inappropriate peeing, it could mean illness.

Please get him checked out.
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Here ya go-

Cat seat

And Hermoine, I would definitely take Chewy to the vet to get a UTI check!
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I'm not familiar with that particular product, but I'm always hesitant when it comes to training cats to use the toilets. I have heard of cases where the cat got so confused, they stopped using the litter box and never got around to catching the toilet seat trick. Also, it's the cat's nature to do their business in something they can dig into. When your cat goes in the box, there's a whole ritual going on there. She's checking the litter, circles around, sniffs, digs, does her business and (hopefully) covers up. I don't know what it's doing to a cat if she can't do all of that when she goes.

Sure, not having to deal with the litter box again sounds tempting... but I think it may just come at a price to the cat.

And please take Chewy to the vet ASAP. If you see him straining to pee and nothing comes out - then you could have an emergency on your hands! If that is ever the case, get him to the vet immdiately - day or night!

Moving this thread over to the cat care section.
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Here is cat fancy's website

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