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Kittyloves mum-Aristocat

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Hi,I,m new to cat forums,but my youngest daughter Kittylove(Jenna) has been a member for a few weeks now and she loves it here
You have all made her feel very welcome!
As some members will know already, we have a beautiful black cat called Felix and he will be a grand old age of 16 in november.He can still be agile when he wan'ts to be,he loves chasing male cats out of his territory.Most of the males cats just wan,t to say hello,but a few years ago he had a very bad fight with a cat he really disliked and he needed treatment from the vet.So I really think thats why he is more hostile to male cats, but he loves the lady cats in our area!

Cat forums is a really friendly place to be and I,ll look forward to hearing from you

Jackie and Felix
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Welcome Jackie!

love your handle! very clever. Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney movies.

Your daughter is a joy. You have done a wonderful job raising her to be a kind soul with such a love of animals.

Glad you joined as well!

see you around

:angel2: :angel2:
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Welcome Jackie!

So happy to see you here at last I hope you enjoy it!
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I agree with AP about Jenna - she exhibits a great deal of maturity and compassion for a person of her age. That says a lot about YOU!
Welcome to TCS - You will be hooked before you know it!
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Thanks very much for you kind welcome!!Yes airprincess I love the Aristocats,I remember it being the first disney film I watched as a child,thats going back a bit Oh thankyou debra and airprincess for your kind words about Jenna,shes a little treasure, I also have an elder daughter Kathy,but I,m affraid being a teenager she is more into playstation games,although like Jenna they both love horse riding.

Thankyou Anne for all your help getting me here,I,m slowly getting used to computers,but I,m still very much an amateur,I hope your keeping your feet up and resting!!

Hopefully Jenna and I will be able to show pictures of Felix soon,we are just saving for a scanner,but I might have to get my eldest brother to show us how to use it

Jackie and Felix
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I have Aristocats on video! Thomas O'Malley is the cutest!

Jenna is a joy to have around and a real sweetheart

you must be so proud
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Dearest Jackie :angel2:

Like I stated in the Thread you responded to, trust me when I say that Jenna has won over all hearts. She is indeed an exceptional child for 10 years old. It's always such a thrill for me to receive a reply from her.

I hope that you will come back as much as possible; this is a great site, with wonderful people.

I hope you get your scanner soon. It seems like you're anxious to use it and I can't tell you how anxious we are to see you all Take Care & God Bless You & Your Family.

Love, Peace &

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Your daughter, Jenna is such a sweet, kind hearted person!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see pics of Felix!!!!!!!!

May I ask,..... you said you have an older daughter, old is she? And forgive me for asking, but Jenna seems so grown-up, in her posts, I tend to forget she is younger.... (please forgive my ignorance Jenna) but Jackie...could you tell us the ages of your daughters again?

I am so glad Jenna has guided you here, she is such a treasure to us!!!
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Oh thank you so much airprincess, Catarina and Debby.Jenna will be 12 in November and Kathy was 14 in April.Jenna is a real animal lover, she loves spending time with Felix and our 2 piggies Clover and Peachy, and she even helps me out cleaning our goldfish tank!I can see Jenna working with animals when she leaves school

I used to work in a boarding cattery,many years ago and I loved it there!I can just see Jenna working in a cattery,I think she would stroke and talk to the cats all day A few of the cats had really funny names,like Gin and Tonic,Fish and Chips and I remember one little cat called Whisky.I was always sad to see them go home, but I know they were so happy to see their owners again

Thanks again for your warm welcome Catarina, what a lovely picture, I will show it to Jenna when she gets home.I,ll ask Jenna if she would like to post on this thread for now and then you will know where she is

Jackie and Felix
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Welcome Jackie! I'm so glad you finally got online with The Cat Site. We've really enjoyed having your daughter on here. I'm sorry I wasn't much help getting you your own user name, but I'm glad Anne was able to help you. Sounds like you have two wonderful daughters. I'm looking forward to my kids being a bit older, simply because I'm excited to see how they turn out!

Welcome again!
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Hi Catarina
It`s great to write to U again,I love the picture of the cats on the piano and we have have a picture like that in our hall. I have been horse-riding again, I rode a horse called Chuckie and Katharine my sister rode Annie. What Popgroups or Popstar do you like,I like Steps, Hearsay and Britney Spears. :flash: . Do you watch the British Soaps like Emmerdale and Coronation Street? I`m glad my Mum has joined Cat Forums, I think she will like all the nice people like you. I hope you and your cats are well and a hope to hear from you soon.

Love From

:icecream: :pinky:
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Thank you Dawn,I,m glad I made it here, I am a true amateur where computers are concernedMy eldest daughter Katharine is doing computer studies at school in September,so hopefully I can learn some new skills from her.Oh, I,ve just called her Katharine instead of Kathy,ahh,she wan,ts us to now call her Kathy for short,but I keep forgetting,we have always called her Katharine, its so hard to get out of the habitHer friends call her Kat at school.I imagine your name is hard to shorten, my husband John calls me Jack, but I don,t mind!
How old are your children,I,d love to hear about them,Jenna is really enjoying cat forums and her school holidays!

Thanks again Dawn

Jackie and Felix

PS I love all the little smilies and there are so many to choose from!
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Dearest Princess KittyLove & Aristocat :angel2:'s 's

I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond, my computer decided to take a vacation! :laughing: However, I do have a backup, unfortunately, it's about as fast as a snail. Bummer! Anyay, I'm back up online for now, I had to go out and buy a monitor I just love spending money on stuff like this (j/k) I can't wait to get my computer back, I won't have any cool pics until then...this computer doesn't have the memory to hold many pics...but I'll try to find "something" on here for ya.

So, to answer your questions KittyLove...let's see,
I really don't watch tv too much...but I love to sing and dance. I play the guitar, I used to play in bands when I was 16 through about 28 years...(the other day....hahahahaha)

I enjoy various types of music from techno to jazz! So, it's hard to say who...but for now, I'm concentrating on flemenco guitarists and learning this technique; so, my favorites there are John Williams as well as Al Dimeola and a few others... As far as pop is concerned......YIKES...there's too many of them to be fair to choose, I do enjoy Pink very much. There was a band formed many years ago called "Roxy Music" a gent from England ...named Bryan Eno headed this band up...they were one of my favorites. Their music was quite etherial..(great word...:laughing2)

I love the actors Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer (my favorite ever!) Antonio Banderas (very cool, he plays guitar and sings!!) Hugh Grant, Kevin for the women, I like Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones, Katherine Hepburn, Kate Hudson and so, many more...gosh it's impossible to continue :laughing2

It's great to be able to get back with you and I hope to hear from you both soon...

PS...I love to horseback ride too!!! It's just wonderful that you both love animals so much

Love, Peace &
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Hi Catarina,ahh,thank you so much for the picture,the cat is so much like our Felix!Jenna says she will write to you a little later today,I think she has lots to tell you!Between you and I think you are Jenna`s favourite member, but you`ve all made her feel very welcome,its a lovely forum and so friendly!

Well we are going to get ready to go shopping,my girls are having their own riding hats today,thats if I can get my eldest daughter to wake up,she a true teenager,she loves her bed

Thanks again Catarina!!:daisy:

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Good Day Jackie :angel2:

Wow! What a flattering thing to say. I couldn't think of anything more that would brighten my day today. Jenna is one of the sweetest little girls and it's such a treat for me to be able to correspond with her and I do look forward to every word that comes from her fingertips. Children are so beautiful and they're such a gift. You've been truly blessed with two! I have never had children, but I have been very blessed too, my brother has made me an Aunt four times and I'm grateful for that He's so funny...he has one 24, 18, 6, and 2 :laughing2 Yes, he sure is patient and a wonderful father too.

So, what are your hobbies? I'm sure your girls are a hobby in themselves I like to bodybuild and exercise quite a bit, it keeps me grounded. I also love funny movies :laughing2 I play guitar, sing with a local jazz band on weekends, and since my other computer has taken a leave of absence it was a blessing in disguise! I had about four chapters in on a novel that was stuck on this computer. The other monitor didn't have the same type of plug in on the back, so I had to buy a new one Since I have a new monitor, I'm definitely going to back it up on a disk and put that in my new computer so I can commence writing once, now I know I will be almost too busy.

Well, hope to hear from you soon Oh, I should be getting my computer back this afternoon Joy! This one is sooooooooooo sloooooooowwwwwww!!!!!:laughing2

PS...Oh, and since Anne's space is getting so used up by our photos, so, I'll be posting them but not directly up to this server I'll have to do that when I get my other computer back...I'm so grateful that this one is still a great backup, no matter how slow! My trusty standby

Love, Peace &
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Hi Catarina
Yes, you are my favourite member because you`re so nice and your
pictures are so adorable This Friday I`m going to Blackpool or Camelot, we haven`t decided yet and I`ll tell you about them now. We have been to Blackpool since me and Katharine were very small. A couple of years ago we went up the tower and we had to go up alot stairs and we had to stand on glass, it was scary but fun. Also there are Donkeys on the sand, everytime I go to Blackpool I always go on them {they are all sooooo cute}. There`s a big Rollercoaster that I haven`t been on yet but I`ve been on the Big Wheel, have you heard of Blackpool? Camelot is a theme park,there`s a Log Flume,which my sister is scared of and I love the water slashing in my face. My dad doesn`t go on anything, all he does is, he goes to find a bench,here`s the embarasing bit, he once fell to sleep on a bench with his mouth wide open and people were walking passed giggling{soooo embarasing }There is also a farm at Camelot,with goats,pigs,horses and chickens. If you were me where would you go?
Can`t wait to hear from you soon.
Love from
Jenna and Felix
:pinky: :blubturq: :icecream: :girlie: :angel2: :homer: :daisy: :flower: :blossom: :rednose: :rainbow:
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Hi Catarina
I could'nt stop laughing that Jenna had told you about her dad falling asleep on a bench.My hubby had done a 12 hour night-shift,so I bet you can imagine how tired he was!
I enjoy funny movies myself,have you seen Train,Planes and Automobiles,its a great film,I also like Jim Carey's movies.
Oh ar,nt you good doing lots of exercise,I,m affraid I,ve got out of the habit and I know when I used to go to the gym every week,I always loved it and felt alot fitter!
Its really nice that your an aunt,your brother sounds a great dad!

Catarina you must have lots of confidence to sing and play a guitar,I,m affraid my musical talents go as far as playing the recorderJenna has alot of confidence,she loves doing school dramas,I have alot of video footage,its lovely seeing her in school productions,I think Jenna will choose drama as a subject when she goes to the big school.My elder daughter loves art,she has done some lovely work,theres always something at school that children like.

I hope I did,nt embarass you ,Jenna wanted me to tell you that you are her favourite member, oh its really nice that kids can be so open without feeling Jenna was like that as a toddler,I remember on one occasion on a bus Jenna said "mummy, Why has that man got no hair",oh it was so funny, because she also said really loud.
Thank you again Catarina for making us both very welcome, Its such a friendly, helpful forum

Jackie and Felix
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Hi Kittylove!! :angel2::pinky:

It's always so sweet to receive your posts...but I have to confess, you have made me feel so special and thank you so much. I can't think of anything else that you could say to make a person so happy!

Camelot sounds GREAT! I'd love to go to a theme park like that.
Well, as you know, we have Disney World here. I live about two hours away and I can't tell you how much I love that place. I love Universal Studios too. That's a park where they turn movies into a real live adventure for the audience! Have you seen "Back to the Future"? Well, there's a ride there that's AWESOME and if you ever come to the US with your parents, maybe you will get to see it!

Now, for your last question...where would I go if I were you...hmmmm?????? Good question! I guess I would have to say first I would definitely want to see all the little animals! But.....then...then...then...I'd have to go on these!

Boy I bet your dad is really happy now that you've let the cat out of the bag! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is so funny! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 Well, he deserves a break (maybe a little one) :laughing2

Good nite Princess...sorry I couldn't get back to you quicker today! I'll be sure not to do that again!

Love, :angel2:
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Hi there Jackie! :angel2:

You two are so funny! I must say that you both brighten my day so much! I know that when I used to be babysit my (once babies or preteens) brother's children...boy...the things that would come out of their mouths! I'd feel like ducking behind something sometimes! So innocent though...and half the time, most everyone would laugh regardless. I was very (extremely) embarrassed one time when my little nephew pointed out a lady and with his discovery announced it louder than a PA system "Look, that lady has a mustache!" OH NO! I didn't know whether to hide, run, or put my hand over his mouth and run with him...instead I acted as if she weren't there and hauled him off into the ladies room and explained why we didn't say things like that! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

So, I can definitely relate to all of these wonderful and most facinating ways children bring you back into your own younger day. It works for me!!! What a trip! :laughing2

Having the two girls must keep you very active! The gym is just another place for me to take the stress off my day. I haven't been working much lately, as I have been ill, but...I do hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

By the way, I'm a big Jim Carey fan as well as Adam Sandler :laughing2, I love those guys! There's nothing better in this world than cures almost anything!

If I were you I couldn't be a prouder Mom! Your daughter Katherine sounds so sweet too...they must love each other very much. Well, I'll be looking forward to seeing how things are going..Give Felix a great big for me too! {{{{hugs}}}}

By the way, you both have made me feel very special...Thank you

Love & Peace,
PS...this is the state where my boyfriend lives This is in Tuscon, Arizona

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Catarina,I hope your feeling better and not pushing yourself to hard,I know I,ve said this before but its a very special job you are doing,looking after those poor little cats,they must feel so loved by you.I hope your new kitten is fine,its a worry when they sneeze.

Jenna is still in bed at the moment,but I,m sure she will wan't to tell you all her news!

I could'nt help smilling when you mentioned that my girls must love each other very muchI,m sure they do really,but sometimes as you can imagine they argue like cat and dog,I always say to them "sisterly love!! I don't know"Hopefully they will become closer when they are older!

I,m affraid we still hav,nt got a scanner,but can I just ask you ,I,ve been told that another option is that when you have photos developed that they will also put them on a disc,but I,m a computer amateur,so I would'nt know where to start.I keep telling myself that I must go to night school and leard alot more

I love the sunset picture,the clouds seem so low,it looks abit like a an African sunset!

Well take care Catarina and give your cats a big hug from Jenna and I.

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Hi Catarina
We went to Camalot and it rained all day but I still had a good time.I went on a ship and also a water slide,which was really good.It was very busy,so I didnt go on alot of rides,but we had some chips which warmed us up.We will hopfully go to Blackpool soon and choose a better day to go.

Hows you new kitty,I hope the kitty is ok and that you are ok too.
I will look forward to hearing from you!
lots of

Jenna and Felix

:pinky: :blubturq: :bubbly: :daisy:
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Dear Jackie :angel2::daisy:

I'm so happy to hear from you both!! :pinky:

Jackie, I also smiled to hear the news about the makes me think of when my brother and I were young! We adore each other now! I'm sure that will also change for the girls

I would like to mention that when they put the pics on a disk, all you have to do in order to send a hit browse after this big white box, you'll see where it takes you to the directory within your computer...go to 3 1/2 Floppy A and then click that...After you do that, you can choose which photo that you'd like to upload onto the the meanwhile I would like to teach you a much more efficient way to do this; otherwise the photos on the floppy become blurred, because you're constantly accessing them through the 3 1/2 floppy instead of your harddrive or within the net. Trust me Jackie, this takes just a short amount of time to learn...No one has learned the computer overnite Certainly no one I've ever known anyway. Thank you for your kind words and it's always such a pleasure to hear from you! Thank you!

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Dearest Princess KittyLove

It's been a few days!!! I have just been able to log on this evening so, I do apologize once again for not being able to answer you much sooner. I'm typing this in "Chocolate" I love chocolate! What's your favorite flavor????

It was so good to hear that you did get to go on the rides, although you didn't have a long stay, you certainly sounded like you truly enjoyed yourself and that's what's most important

Oh...and to answer your question about my kitty He's great and his name is "Murphy Pas Cal"...silly name huh? :laughing2...but I'll be calling him "Murphy" for short...that's for sure. "Pas Cal" was a name of a band I liked

Thank you so much for asking about him...his cold seems to be almost gone! I'm so happy He's so cute Jenna, I should have some pics up for you very soon. Tell Mommy that she can email me at for more directions of how to upload pictures

Love you!

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Hi Catarina,
I've taken some pictures of Felix and I,ll take the film to be put on a disc tommorow.I'll probably be Emailing you every 5 minutes,saying I,m stuck.I,ve taken some photos of our piggies too,although one at a time on the grass,I was nervous having one guinea pig on the loose,nevermind two
Thankyou so much for the lovely cat pictures Catarina,they are adorable.Jenna is going to the big school on wednesday,I hope she likes it,she has a few of her school friends in the same form,so hopefully that will help her to settle in and her big sister Katharine is also at the same school.

I,m so pleased little Murphy is alright,he's one lucky kitten having a loving home with youI,ll look forward to seeing a picture of him

Thanks again Catarina for helping me:flower::flower::flower:

love from Jackie
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