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Please check out the threads in SOS

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For those of you who don't regularly read the threads in the SOS forum, please do so today. You will find threads for folks around the country looking for homes for cats and you will also find a thread about how the city of Virginia Beach took away the cats of a woman who is involved in cat rescue. It is a really sad and scary story. While you're there, make sure you sign the petition to help her get her cats back. The petition can be found here:
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Thanks for that, I'm going to sign the petition. I've been following the story.
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I've been posting links to the thread / Web sites all evening on other forums, and some people have signed the petition. Let's keep "bumping" this to the top.
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Well I just added another horror thread there

Renea, I hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread, but if I don't vent I won't be able to go back to bed.

It's 4 AM here now. Dan couldn't sleep (he was colicky) and I didn't want him to wake up Ron, so I put him in the baby sling and came over to the computer. I figured I might as well go over my emails.

One of the emails was from the Cat Welfare Society of Israel. It was a link to the video documenting the poisoning of a cat in the town of Givat-Ada (which happens to be very close to where I live). It's a horrible video - very painful to watch. It only lasts 2 minutes - but what long 2 minutes. Mind you, the video lasts two minutes as it's edited. For the cat it was much much longer....

Why are people so cruel? There are people in the video walking around the poor thing, talking and laughing as it dies in agony. I just can't get it - I am so ashamed of my country right now!

I hope I'm not distressing anyone by posting this here. I would have avoided it - but it's there for a reason. It's there to drive us all into doing something. Sign the petition, email people, do something! Tell your friends to do so as well. I know that stray animals are being put down everywhere, but my God not in such a heartless way! No creature should suffer like this before its death!

Please hug your cats for me tonight. I know I'm going to hug mine now. Others just like them are being tortured and killed on our streets everyday in the cruelst of ways...
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OMG that is so disgusting. I saw the video and it is so disturbing. I can't believe the Israeli government, of all people, are using this terrible poison. UUuuggghhh this makes me so angry! I can't say anymore because I'd probably offend someone.
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Bumping this thread up.

Please sign both petitions. These cats need all the help that they can get.
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I signed both of the petitions.
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Bumping to the top and heading to bed.
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I've seen it and it is disturbing... signed the petition. wish we could do some more for the poor guy...
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The Kitties and I signed the petition.
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I signed the CWS of Israel's petition, too. I watched the video this afternoon, and it's still haunting me.
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bumping back to the top.
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Please understand that watching this video will haunt you. So just skip over that part and sign the petition. And pass the petition link around all over cyber space so this inhumanity can end!
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Bumping for Monday.
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Bumping once again.
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Another bump.

The video wouldn't load for me. It sounds disturbing.
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That is so horrible to hear that this is happening Anne! I will go and read the thread and sign the petition! I will also send up huge prayers for the cats there to be safe!!!! These people are horrible, horrible people with no conscience whatsoever! They deserve to be dealt a horrible punishment!!!!!!!!!
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I just added signature 225 to Linda's petition.
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I am so upset with people who are cruel to living things. This is hard for me to take, I can't bring myself to watch that video, no way, not ever. hootiecat
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well on a positive note, I just checked and over $1,200.00 have come in to help CWSI!!!!!!!!!
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I am bumping this to the beginning because I have a question to ask... If some one (say me) wanted to donate to CWSI individually. How would I go about doing this? Do they have something like Paypal where they could receive the money? or how would they receive it? Thanks in advance for answering my question.
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Just signed. Were getting there!!!

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I just signed. # 417

It's so wrong what they've done to her and those cats! I cant even imagine how helpless she must feel right now or the stress the cats are going thru being taken from their homes.
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