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Saturday DT

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This is Kahu here, I just wanted to tell you what my mum did today.

She was trying to play a game and I wanted to play with her hair. I tried to tell her that it looked messy even though she had already brushed it. But all I really wanted to was steal her hair tie. I love playing with them.

Then she had a visitor - the landlord came over and mum and dad told her that they didnt think it was fair about the electricity bill so the landlord is going to talk to her husband and the neighbour so I hope they get it sorted out. I want them to buy us more treats and toys with the extra money that they should not be spending on the electricity bill.

Then mum did the meanest thing ever to Peedoodle and me! She gave us a bath. We are already plotting our revenge. I cried and cried the whole time I was in the bath but mum laughed at me. I did one thing that is payback to mum - I sat on her book while I was wet and she can't do anything because she should have not left that book open in the first place. HAHAHA!

Just wait til tonight, I will have my revenge upon mum!
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Hi, Kahu, JC here. I hope the problems with the electricity finally get straightened out, and that you get lots of extra treats. And I think it was really mean of your mom to give you both a bath - baths are a punishable offense. How are you going to take revenge? I found a good way today. My mommy was mean to me, too. She shut the balcony door, so I couldn't go out in my enclosure. She claimed it was much too windy, just because the neighbors lost part of their balcony this morning. Naturally I was bored (she was doing something she calls "translating"), so I inspected the vacuum cleaner monster. It was safe, because its tail wasn't stuck in those little holes in the wall we cats aren't allowed to play with. I found a button you can press. If you do, a lid will open up, giving you access to a paper bag full of crud. You can pull the bag out, sink your claws into it, drag it around the floor, and get the dirt, cat hairs, dead spiders, etc., all over the place! Mommy was upset - she said, "Jamie, I just vacuumed!" As if I didn't know that!
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Today, I just got up had a banana, a coleslaw,cream cheese and ham sandwhich and a glass of coke. I'm waiting for a phone call from Nana to see if we're going out today or not.. *twiddles thumbs*

Hope everyones having a nice day!
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Well today I pretty much slept on and off until around noon. I don't know why I've been so tired lately.

I just got done giving Jake his over due bath. My intention was to bathe him the last two weekends but I felt so terrible I didn't get it done. Anyway, he's all clean and floofed up now. His fur is real fly away and cotton like. I'm trying to tame it down a bit but haven't had any luck so far. Jake must be used to the blow dryer now because he just sits there like a good boy. He doesn't like the comb though, when I try to pick out little matts. Poor guy!

Henrietta is next. I think I'm going to have her shaved down to 1" of fur. Kind of like an exotic. Her fur is really thick and like cotton and gets so darn matted easily. And she won't let me groom her at all. I can bathe her but not comb/brush her. She's a real problem child.
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Up most of the night (thank you, Rowdy) and gave up, at 5:00 a.m. Bill had not set up the coffee maker so, I had to fix my own coffee, this morning. NOT a good start, to a Saturday.

Bill made up for the coffee, by cooking breakfast.

Went shopping with one of the girls, from work. Thank goodness, yesterday was payday. I found a great pair of pointy-toed black pumps, with 3" stiletto heels - at KMART, of all places. I may go back later and get the white ones, for summer. Got Bill a Valentine, from the dogs and a birthday card, from me. Didn't find a good Valentine for me to give him but, got him a Rusty Wallace Hot Wheels. Target had some really cute jeans and embroidered peasant tops, for the twins. I bought pink and lavender tops, for their birthday. I know that its two months away but, they'll keep. Now, I have to find cute shoes and a couple of toys.

Mark called, while I was out shopping. He was in town, for a wildlands firefighters' test. He passed. Now, I have one MORE thing to worry about. He says that its not dangerous - he won't be a Hot Shot - but ANY kind of firefighting is dangerous. I have the utmost respect for firefighters but, this is my KID. He's going to be back, on Tuesday and I told him to stop by and pick up the twins' Valentines. I got them Sesame Street Cupids: Cookie Monster and Ernie.

Have a good weekend.
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It must be the National Give Your Cat a Bath day today.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
It must be the National Give Your Cat a Bath day today.
I'm always bathing one cat or the other! It's become a sort of hobby I guess!

About your cats crying all the time they were bathed. Do you bathe them regularly? Because if you do, they get somewhat used to it. I think it's harder if you only do it occassionally. What do you think?
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Then mum did the meanest thing ever to Peedoodle and me! She gave us a bath. We are already plotting our revenge. I cried and cried the whole time I was in the bath
This is Snowball, that is soooo funny!!! My mom NEVER gives me baths, she uses Pet Wipes instead. But once when someone else was taking a bath, I was showing off and I accidently fell into the bathtub! That was scary!!!!!

Oh no!!!!! I hear mom coming back, I have to go so she won't catch me using her computer. (Again.)
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Aw Lorie, That's too cute! I love Snowball!

Don't talk to me about bathing cats, I've got some due.. I really should bath them but I'm still waiting to hear back from Nana... arrrrrrrh.

Congrats to all the newlybathed.
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Peedoodle is very good, he sits there patiently, but Kahu screams - I can feel his whole body vibrating, its funny, and makes me laugh. Sometimes he digs his claws in but luckily I had trimmed them
With all that screaming Kahu does, I am wondering if the neighbours think I am killing someone!

BTW, the landlord agreed that it wasnt fair on us with the electricity bill! Yay! And she is going to tell the neighbour that she feels as if they are taking advantage of her because of all the extra people so she might up their rent if there are a lot of people there. Also, she mentioned that the neighbor is looking at a new place for sale - a doublewide with 4 acres of land for $135,000.

*sits and waits for news*
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Aw Lorie, That's too cute! I love Snowball!

Don't talk to me about bathing cats, I've got some due.. I really should bath them but I'm still waiting to hear back from Nana... arrrrrrrh.

Congrats to all the newlybathed.
Do you have any experience with long haired Red Mac Tabby's with unruley fur? I don't know how to tame down Jakes mane so it isn't always sticking straight up around his head.
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I know what you mean about the scream Kellye

Good luck, hopefully it all works out.

Tammie, all my red persians have had wooly type fur and none has been fly-away. If you pick Jake up and then just sort of drop him in the air(while still holding him if you know what I mean?) and the coat moves then he has a perfect show cat, that's what the judges like.
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Oh it moves alright! It's so light and fluffy. It just looks frizzy to me and I thought maybe he needed a conditioning treatment or something. Here's a picture of a cat Jean Greene from Steeplechase sent me. This cat looks just like Jake! Except I haven't mastered the cheek plucking yet. I wish I could show Jake. He's such a pretty boy. But he has a crook in the end of his tail. So while he's perfect to me, he might not be to the judges! PS: She said I could use the pictures she sends me.

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You're right that cat is very similar to Jake. It's gorgeous, just look at the little ears, gorgeous round eyes,round cheeks,lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Do you have any new photos Jake after his bath?

Shame about his tail fault, he would have made a lovely show cat. For "cheeking" as I call it we have this great little brush with a razor type thing on it,perfect cheeks everytime.. I wish my digi cam would work so I could show you it.
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I've been looking for one of those little plucking brushes! I might have to order it online because I can't find one in a pet store. I really wish I could watch someone plucker the cheeks. It sure would help! I think I need to trim some hair around the top of his eyes too?? The hair gets kind of long and hangs in his eyes so they look half open when they're really wide open. I use eye drops for Jake and Hallie and they seem to really help their eyes. I will try to take some new pictures of him tonight. Right now I have to go get something to eat and get some kitty litter!

Oh yeah... I think that kitty (who's name is Obsess)shares some parentage with Jake. I have to look back and see what Jean told me.
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I'll see what I can find on the net. We actually buy them from our local $2-, so I could always send one over to you(have heaps of them in packs) but maybe they wont let me because of the razor?? Yip around the eyes needs to be trimmed as well, scissors are the only thing for this I find, but be very careful and don't cut too much fur because otherwise it looks like kitty has a bald patch above the eye. I'll have a look for a photo of one og my freshly plucked cats and post it. The fur hanging down can get very irritating so it's best to just get rid of it, not to mention it will look better. What eye drops do you use? I know alot of people here don't like using human ones but they are the best ones I find, pet ones don't really work at all. Obsess is a lovely name.

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