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Just wanted to say hi, new guy here with 3 cats and 8 fish

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Welcome to the site! You have kitty TV? Hubby wants to get a fish tank too, and I think the kitties would have a grand time watching their own fish.
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Hi Sang, Welcome to TCS. Please tell us about your pets!!(and pictures?? )
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HI!! I also have 8 fish! what kind do you have...i have fancy goldies...welcome

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Welcome! We want details. Names, ages, breeds (mutts and strays count too!) Do your kitties try to get to your fish?
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to TCS
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Hi everyone, glad to meet you all my pets are Lucy, a marmalade colored medium long (shorthair)she's about 6 1/2 yrs old, I think there's some manx coon in her too. She's very affectionate and loves to sleep on her teddy bear on my bed next to my head. I wake up in the morning and find a bushy tail tickling my nose. Blackie is an all black male cat with three white hairs on his chest. He was the runt, but now he's the biggest. He's still a bit of a scaredy cat tho and likes to sleep on the armchair in my bedroom or under my bed. Dopey is Blackie's sister and she's the smallest of the three. She's all gray and looks a lot like a chartreux. She got her name, because she always looks like her eyes are half closed with a dopey lil smile on her face. Her favorite sleeping place is the little kitty condo. Dopey and Blackie are about 6 yrs old and have a special story. One day during the last big rainstorms (99 I think) my ex told me that she had seen a stray cat carrying kittens into an abandoned car near her work in the rain, and that the kittens couldn't have been happy. So I went to investigate and found that out of a litter of what had appeared to be 5 kittens, three were still alive. So I borrowed a trap (Hav-a-Hart) and bought some wet cat food.(whiskas, I think) and set the trap knowing that the mama had to be hungry. I hid around the corner and it only took about 5 seconds for the trap to spring. I went and covered the cage with a towel to calm the mama down and then went to retrieve the kittens. We took the mama cat and the kittens and put them into a large cage which we kept in the garage next to a space heater. We took the kittens and mama to the vet, got them some antibiotics for their respiratory infections and had the mama cat spayed. Unfortunately the mama cat was feral and didn't really care for the company of people, so she eventually ran away. I hope she is ok to this day. The kittens, I adopted one (Sleepy, Dopey's twin) to a good friend of mine whom I knew would take good care of her and kept the other two (Blackie and Dopey)It took a lil while for Lucy to adjust to two new kitties in the apartment, and I had to keep them in the bathroom for about a week while Lucy got used to their smell under the door. Now they are all best friends, they groom each other, and take catnaps together. They are all indoor kitties, but I could never bear the thought of declawing them, after all furniture can be replaced but a cat's claws cannot be re inserted. I love my kitties, they are my best friends.

My fish are tropical, 2 platinum Gouramies, 2 red eyed tetras, 2 tuxedo Platy's, 1 bushy nosed catfish and one suckerfish (plestiosomething or the other, I actually did get the fish so that the kitties could watch them, heh heh.

Well, Lucy just jumped into my lap and started nibbling on my fingers as I type, her way of sayin that I've spend enough time with the funny glowing box.

I look forward to sharing more stories with you all

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Your kitties sound just wonderful! What a wonderful thing you did for Blackie and Dopey's family. Lucy sounds like a sweetie too.
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Wow , what a great story about the feral mom and her kittens . That was awesome of you to take care of them all . All of your baby's sound beautiful to me . Maybe you can share some pictures of them in the picures thread with us all . That would be really great . We do love pictures here on TCS
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I couldn't find any picture thread

Lucy making biscuits on her teddy bear
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Dopey relaxing in her kitty condo
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Blackie being scared of the camera flash
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If you click on "The cat lounge" you will see a sub-forum there called, "Fur pictures only!". Check that out.

I just adore that picture of her kneading, that's just too cute. The others are hunnies as well.
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Welcome Sang! Your furbabies are lovely!
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A big welcome to you all - love the pic of Lucy and her teddy - they are nearly the same colour!
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Hi Sang, and welcome to the site.

Your babies are gorgeous. Like yourself, our babies all mean the world to us.

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Hello, nice to meet you and your kitty babies. They are very cute I like Lucy's teddy bear. Is it always her favorite toy? I have 5 kittybrats myself, Hootie, Kisses, Bonesie,Tigger, and Inky. Inky loves toys he makes anything be his toy! He knocks down vases and breks them, he loves hair accesories the most, oh and his little stuffed twinkle star, that he lost around here somewhere. He's a 6-8month old kitten and full of energy, and attitude. The rest of mine were rescued in a dramatic way each, Hootie and kisses, the sisters, were found thrown away in a box by my son. they were tiny only 2-3 weeks old. Tigger and his brother, Boris(R.I.P.) were found on a road by me, crying so loudly1 what if it would have been someone else going too fast?(shudder) Bonesie, I found him in a tree close to my house, someone hadm dipped him in cooking oil up to his head and tortured him and when he finally let me get him, he was so happy! hope to talk to you again soon, Bye, Hootiecat
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hello again, I didn't finish telling you something before cause I was late for a dr's appt. and i had to rush but I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your rescue story of your 2 kitties. also that they sure are cute, too. Also Inky was a rescue too, just not as emergancy like. He belonged to my little sister, and she was moving across the country and was going to put him in the local animal shelter, and I could'nt stand it, so I became his shelter home. well bye again. hootiecat:flash:
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Love the cat pictures,your orange cat is so soft looking and pretty too!! I too have a orange cat Newman and Cosmo is a gray tabby both 7 yrs old... TCS is such a great place!!!
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