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Very Skinny cat

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I am really worried about my Cornish Rex boy, Monty. He had been eating really well and if the truth be known, getting rather porky!, but the other day I noticed he wasn't quite eating as much and was looking a little more "toned" - I just assumed that he was evening off a bit as Rexes are meant to be quite slender. But yesterday night when I got home from work, I saw him and nearly screamed!! He seemed to have lost loads of weight, and his stomach(the bit just before his back legs) was all sunken in!! he still had a tiny bit of a belly towards the front (if that makes sense!) but he really does look different - I can't help but worry!! I know its not worms as I just wormed them a couple of weeks ago, the only thing I thought of doing (other than taking him to the vet of course) was changing his food slowly to something he would be more eager to eat? If anyone has any suggestions I would be really grateful, I think I will make an appointment to take him to the vets anyway, just in case......

Any ideas what could be causing this anyone? (he looks thin even for a rex!)

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I really would get him to the vet. Cats very rarely will stop eating a food they like all of a sudden because they dont like it. When they stop eating it is usually because they arent feeling very well. If he has lost that much weight I would worry. There are lots of things that can trigger it. However, if he isnt eating his system is going to cause damage to his liver and kidneys. Especially in a short period of time. Until you can get into the vet, you might try some wet food or baby food.
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And keep him hydrated!

Wet baby food, wet kitten food in a can, either of these with in kitten milk formula to make a runny mix -- and if he doesn't want it, administer it with a large-holed syringe very gently. If that doesn't work, try chicken soup. Meanwhile, get the appointment with the vet. But a dehyrated cat has problems fighting infection, so that's the first gate. That tucked up tummy sounds like he has either had severe diarrhea or vomiting when you've been out of the house. Any evidence of this?
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Hi guys, thanks for your help. I tried some wet food that he normally loves, but he wouldn't eat that either, I called the vet straight away and they asked me to take him in right then. When we got there the vet checked him over and told me that he was quite seriously ill.. the problem was his intestines, somehow they had managed to "telescope" inside each other, and he needed an emergency operation to remove 6 inches of the intestine..ouch..he had to stay on a drip/IV over the weekend, we got him back on Sunday afternoon but I had to stay home with him yesterday to keep an eye on him and stop him licking his stitches (he has loads!) Thankfully he seems to be improving,hes eating much more now and is not dehydrated at all. He has to be confined to one room for ten days, and take his medication twice a day, he is still very sleepy and lethargic but he is still recovering, Im glad to say he is improving.

Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated, I have my fingers crossed that he'll make a full recovery.

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Whew, I am glad he is okay!! I am not sure it's the same in cats, but I know that dogs have this happen quite often. They say it's usually from eating alot at once. I wonder if it's the same. Did the vet say how it might have happened?
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I did ask, but they said it just happens sometimes in young animals, they said that its just because the intestine gets out of rhythm and instead of going in a wave motion, it starts going against itself and eventually it just pushes itself inside!! They said its sometimes caused if the pet has just been wormed cos the intestine/gut is working overtime to push all the dead worms out, but Monty had been wormed three months ago so it wasn't that... I just hope it doesn't decide to do it again!! Thank goodness Ive got pet insurance cos it proved VERY expensive!! (£700!!) I couldn't have afforded it if I was'nt insured.... I dread to think.....

Still Im happy now!! Hes home and hes doing well!!
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Yeah Monty !!! I am so glad you took him to the VET straight away and that he is recovering.

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Thanks Hell603 - thats really nice of you!! Cute picture too by the way!! Im soooo relieved hes ok, they kept telling me there was a 30% chance he wouldn't make it!!! But not Monty - he's too much of a pain in the arse to leave!! - He's got too many people to annoy! (ahhh but we love him that way...he makes us laugh!) At the moment he won't shut up - he's walking around grumbling away to himself, and if he suddenly finds he's in the room all alone - he goes into kitty seizure meeeeeoooooooowing at the top of his lungs!!! then he goes back to moaning.... :laughing:

Oh but we love him so....
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I'm so happy to hear that he's doing well now. That's a scary thing to have happen. I'm glad you got him to the vet in time. I have to watch my labrador retreiver for a condition similar to this. She bolts her food (I mean, it takes approximately 30 seconds to inhale 2 cups of food) so she could end up with bloat. Intestinal things are scary because they can happen so quickly and the pet can die quickly too. I'm glad your little guy is on the road to recovery.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can relate to - won't shut up-. I have a 17 month old Bengal who has those type of "seizures" - I like that term. I could be upstairs watching TV, relishing a little peace which I know won't last long, sure enough there he goes. MEOWWING or should I say wailing at the top of his Lungs untill I go downstairs - once I am there he is the happiest camper alive. Spoiled little brat - they sure have us trained don't they? But I would not have it any other way. They are too special aren't they...

Keep us uptodate on Monty's progress and give him extra XOXOXOXOXO from me.

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what a weird thing to happen! I do like this site -- it brings up lots of problems that no one cat owner can (hopefully) have. Blessings on your vet(s).

Good health to your furry one.
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Hey guys!! Just to let you know - Im pretty sure Monty is going to recover fully!!! - Yesterday he ate four meals!!! He was having another one of his "kitty seizures" so I thought he must be hungry this time as I was in the room with him, so I put a bowl of wet food down for him, and no exaggeration,-it was gone within 10 seconds!! he had to get his breath back once he'd finished scoffing!! Anyway throughout the day he kept having "seizures" and managed to munch his way through three more meals!! and he was still begging for more!!
Im sooo glad to see he's getting back to normal! (he always was greedy little podge!)

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I got to this thread a little late but fortunately everything is ok now... As I was reading this thread i thought I was going to stop breathing...

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I am so glad he is feeling better! Now hopefully he doesnt eat too much to make up for lost time and have him become a tubular cat
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Hee hee Sandie - Tubular cat!! Oh he's well on his way! I think he was extremeley tubular before he got ill - so he's trying to get back his "stunning physique" !:laughing:

Anne-Claire - thanks for your concern - I hope you didn't stop breathing!! hee hee

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Just a quick update - we took him back to the vet on Wednesday and the vet was amazed at his recoverey!! (I guess his greediness paid off!) He was very pleased with how things were going, and we have to take him back next Wednesday to have his stitches removed. Things are looking good!!

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Go Monty, Go Monty!!!! Glad is doing so great!
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Thanks! Woweee what a cute picture!! Couldn't you just squeeeeeze those kittens??!!! Oooooo it makes me want more babies..... (do you know what breed they are? - they look like Singapuras to me? cute!!)

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YEAH!!!! What a good boy!!!
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They are Somalis......
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aha!! I knew it was something that began with "S"!! (and now you've said so - I can sooo totally see they are Somalis!! duh!)


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