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Does This Mean He's Getting Senile?

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Normally, Snowball is perfectly content to cuddle with me at night, and I'm never disturbed by his nocturnal behavior. However, for the last couple of nights Snowball has been walking across my body and kneading my arm in the middle of the night. This nighttime kneading seems to be a little more intense than the kneading behavior that I usually see during the day. He is 12 1/2 years old, and I not sure if this change in his nighttime behavior means he's getting senile, or if it means something is physically wrong with him? I haven't seen any change in his daytime behavior. I'm planning to take Snowball to the vet soon, but I want to wait for milder weather before I do this.

Also, what are the signs of senility in an older cat?
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It doesn't sound like senility Lorie, more like he just wants comfort. You might try burning a night light for him, perhaps his eyesight is getting a bit blurred and he just wants to find you at night?
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Have to agree with MA. He's not senile.

Russell did that at one time. He's 10 years younger than Snowball. It was when we first moved into our current place. I put it down to the stress of moving for the little fella. It does sound like he wants comfort.

I found that leaving the hallway light on help ease the tension for Russell late at night.
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I bought a couple of night lights, and I spent some extra time with Snowball at the very end of the day yesterday. Doing these things did help, and if Snowball is feeling some stress I have no idea what could be causing it.
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Maybe Snowball's stress is due to poor vision ? or he's getting hard of hearing ? Aging problems?
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How's Snowball doing?
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