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Ear Cleaning

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I've noticed a waxy build up in Em's ears. I would like to clean them, but not to sure how to go about it. What should I use? Also he doesn't like his ears touched much since he had bad ear mites when I adopted him. It took a long time to get rid of them. I don't want to stress him out when I clean his ears.
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Most cats don't like thier ears cleaned, so no matter how you go about it, he's going to be upset My first suggestion though would be to get your vet to do an ear cytology to make sure it is just wax. Sometimes cats can get an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria. If needed you could get a special ear cleaner from your vet, along with a demonstration on how to clean the ears.
If you are doing them at home, you should just use a damp cotton ball and swab the outer part of the ear to get any dirt/wax.
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right after I got my kitty, she was scratching really bad at her left ear. I thought she was suffering from mites, but turns out the vet found she had a wax build-up but at the same time he found she had a buildup of yeast in there as well. Took me a total of 8wks to get rid of it 2 times a day putting drops in her ear. She definately did not like that, but I think she's much happier now not having to worry about trying to get whatever it was out of there on her own. And it cost less than $100 altogether (visit and (2) $20 bottles of Tresaderm - not to say this is what your vet will give her).
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I have to clean Cupid's ears about twice a week b/c his oils build up. I use Vet Solutions (from the vet) ear cleaner and I've also used q-tips with the liquid already in them (Petco). I let him sit in my lap facing me and I put my arm around him so he feels safe and he just lays there and lets me do it. The last time, he closed his ear though and I couldn't finish. I mean he bent it over and wouldn't let me in! hehehe I use baby wipes sometimes to get the big back part that's not down in there.
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