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New Cat Stories.

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Hi. My name is Richard Loller. I'm the editor of a new book of cat stories called A Curiosity of Cats, Twenty-Nine Stories For Cat Lovers By Cat Lovers.

The Preservation Foundation, a nonprofit corporation established in 1976, when I was a book editor, is the publisher. I'm the founder of the PF. Our goal is to preserve the "extraordinary works of 'ordinary' people."

The idea was good, but our first book, published in 1990, showed that the process was slow, time consuming, and expensive. We had not the time or money to do another until recently.

In 1997, however, we opened up our web site, Writer's Showcase. There we post stories and sponsor writing contests for previously unpublished writers. Our first contests began January 1, 1998--for fiction, nonfiction, and cat stories!

Why cat stories? Three of our first 8 stories were about cats. So we broke the category out from the others and allowed both fiction and nonfiction stories entry. We decided we would not close the contest until we had enough first quality stories for a printed book. Our first book effort since 1990.

On December 31,2000, we closed the contest and asked the contestants themselves to choose the winners. The grand prize was won by Lucille White with Lazy Cat That Save $200,000. Twenty-eight runners-up were chosen for inclusion in the book with Louise.

You can find the 153 stories entered in the contest and the 29 winners on our site: www.storyhouse.org

You can also purchase the book. It's a 120 page paperback priced at $10. It is very attractive. Our printer did an excellent job. That's my daughter with Epie and Cosette on the jacket.

If you have a retail operation or a newsletter I'd be happy to send you a review copy.

I hope this isn't too much of a commercial. We are a very small publisher without much money to spend. We have a book that cat lovers will enjoy. So, why not tell them about it?

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has an idea that could help us further our work. We also invite you to become a member of the Preservation Foundation and send us your cat stories. We have no dues or fees. Although we aren't currently running a contest, if we get enough good cat stories we may do so down the line. Any stories contributed now will be eligible for future contests.

Thanks, Anne, for the opportunity of joining your fellowship. I hope to make many new friends here. Cat people are the best!

Richard Loller
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Have put your site in my Favorites.Thank you for visiting and letting us know about your endeavors.
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welcome to you!!!!! I hope you will post more!!!!! I will check out the website you posted, as soon as I have more time!!! I have added it to my favorites!!!!
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Welcome, Welcome,Welcome!

It looks like you struck oil when you landed here. I'm very pleased to know that you will be reading some of the most well written material by many of our members. They are natural born writers and it's amazing how they can convey their stories not only in the written word but by the visions they create for the reader. I was astounded how may talented people can be on one site. I'm sure you'll be amazed too.

It was nice to see you on the boards...hope to see you again! I'll surf on over to your website tonite

Love, Peace &
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