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The first purr?

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When was the first time you heard your cats purr????

I was busy scritching Sapan's head tonight(he's nine weeks old) and he suddenly started this loud purr, it was the first time I had ever heard him purr.It was so cute. I haven't ever heard Highway or Poem purr(same age) but Acorn their little sister started purring when she was three weeks old, I remember feeding her and she just started purring. Same with elmo he purred from a few weeks old. Muffin used to purr when she was younger(doesn't now, she's scared of me.)
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I thought all kittens purr the moment they start suckling milk from mama cat!
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Yip, they do(well some of them) but this question was more along the lines of people with domestic cats that didn't get to see the mother & babies bond, and I was meaning well like a shy cat that opened up, if you know what I mean?

Like my Benja, for a whole week hid under my bed, I came in one day he ran up to me rolled onto his belly and started purring, from then I knew it was love.
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Oh, I see, that's a good question!
My cats though were all grown up when I got them .
Well, Skinny purred the minute I approached her. You see, she was abandoned, so her purr was her way of saying "I want to live with you please"
QT purred when I moved her from her carrier to the cattery so she could adjust to her new home. When my sister moved to Canada, she gave me QT.
Now Joji, whoa, that one took her sweet time. I guess she purred when she allowed me to pet her. I'll say roughly two weeks after we met.
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Hmmmm I see what you mean Sam. I think the Sammycat's first purr was after he had settled in here in about a week after we got he. He finally accepted us and quit the spitting and hissing

Oscar: started after he got used to us in a couple of days, when he was stronger. Poor baby was so weak when Ken brought him home that we didn't think he would live through the night.
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I think my Simon purred after a few days of hiding under the bed. (He was a stray that I brought home) He is still a complete scaredy cat with everyone but me, but for me, he purrs, kneads his paws, headbonks, and even drools when he's really happy. He's also a very demanding puss now!

We brought Max home from the humane society he purred from day one. He's a little slut for attention! If you rub his belly you are his best friend!
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The first time I heard Snowball purr, he was our newly adopted 8 week old kitten, and he had been in our home for 3 days. At that time, he approached the resident cat that we had back then and stopped a few feet away from her, then he started purring very loudly. Maybe he was communicating that he wasn't a threat to the other cat????????? After Snowball did this, the resident cat accepted him, and the two cats were able to start interacting with each other.

I have been told that Snowball and his littermates were born outside under a rosebush, and that he was purring when the owners of the mother cat discovered the place where she had hidden her kittens.
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Taz, my first cat that I fostered and subsequently adopted, doesn't purr. At least I don't think normal human ears can hear it. If I put my head to his body I feel more of a vibration than a sound. So if he is purring it must be a level I can't hear.

Salem started purring when I first met him at the shelter. He starts purring as soon as you pat him.

My current foster which has been with me for a full year now was terrified of people. Once he allowed me to touch him he will purr, but not all the time.
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for Patches I cant say the first purr she ever had in her life but the first time she purred after she adopted us was that day she curled up on the bed with us right between us and started purring.
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Anastasia purred on the day she came home. Not at first though.
At first, when we took her out of the carrier, she came out and kind of crawled - walked into the bathroom into a corner. When anyone would come near her, she would hiss.
So we left her alone to adjust. That night, while I was doing my homework, she came into my room (half crawling) and was trying to get up on the bed. But she was too small, so I picked her up and put her on my bed, where she laid down by the pillow and started purring.
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
When was the first time YOU heard your cats purr????
Yeah guys I know not the first time they purred but the first time YOU heard them purr.

It's neat reading everyones stories, I love kitties that purr. Interesting though Fuzzmom about Taz.

Thanks for sharing!

*edited, spelling*
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Felixia's first purr was about a month or so after she showed up at my apt., full-grown, abandoned by neighbors. I was beginning to wonder if she even could purr...then one day while she was getting a good petting, it started, kind of raspy at first, then picked up volume. Now, she purrs when I just look at her or talk to her, and it's LOUD.
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Both my boys purred the day i brought them home...bob purrs softly ...but nico the himalayan has a loud ongoing purr..purss when hes mad...scared ...happy LOL
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That is a very cool question! Gosh, I hate to say, I don't remember the first time mine purred. I'm pretty sure Pixie and Kayla purred right at the shelter when I held them in my arms.
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My babies purr all of the time. Tonight, I went over to Simba who was curled up on my bed asleep, and started petting him, and his little purr motor was working overtime. He has such a loud purr.
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Rosie was only 6 weeks old when she started sucking and kneading on my bathrobe collar and i could hear her purr right beside my ear, it was music to my ears!!. She purred herself to sleep in the same position as well.

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Russell's first purr: During a cuddle after his first meal in his new furrever home.

Esper's first purr: First cuddle together in the vet's surgery before even setting paw in her furrever home.

Nameless Kitten: Cuddle last night. He snuggles against me and purred is little heart away.
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Well, meow meow purred when she first came back home with me... she laid on my tummy and slept.. purring away... that's abt 4 mths when she first came...

boy boy took a longer time to learn that.. he started only recently... or rather i noticed only recently... he slept with me and he was purring like a washing machine... that's the first time i heard him purr so loud!
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