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Cat keeps knocking over water bowl?

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My Siamese cat (Charlie) has developed the habit of purposely knocking over his water bowl. I considered that it may not be fresh enough, we've since installed a water purifier and the problem has not discontinued. I really have no explanation as to why he would do such a thing, his food is near is water and is always undisturbed. I'm positive it's not because of the water freshness, there are times when he knocks over almost right after I've given a fresh bowl of purified water. He seems to be doing it more frequently now. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem will be greatly appreciated.
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I would get a big ceramic bowl- like a party chip and dip bowl and use that for water. Another alternative is to invest in a fountain for your cat, those are very hard to knock over!
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I use large heavy ceramic dog food bowls for holding drinking water for my three. They're impossible to be knocked over by cats but water can be flicked about and toys get dunked in. But at least the bowl stays upright.
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Another thing you can try, although it is a bit inconvenient, is putting the bowl in your shower/bathtub. It may not stop him from tipping over the bowl, but at least you won't have the mess.

Although, probably the best thing would be to just get a bowl that isn't easily tippable.
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there is a wonderful product called "The water HOle". It has a cover with a hole in it large enough for the cat to get his head in and drink. It also helps to keep the ruff dry. I have 25 of thee and exchange them daily in the cattery. One word of warning, however, --do not put the cover in the dishwasher--it will warp.
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My cat Mia does this same thing, she just likes to play in it with her paws, so I put the bowl in a small wooden square basket, it fits perfectly in it so it can't be moved. I have never once had water spilled since then. (Unless the cats get rowdy on the fridge and fall into the dogs water
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Isabel likes to spill water too. She got so bad I started putting her water bowl in the bath tub! Now, she has the dish with a bottle that goes in the bathtub... she likes to watch the bubbles in the water and follow the water across the tub when it spills.... and I have a bowl that has a ring that screws onto the side of her cage that she cannot spill... this way if she empties the other water she still has something to drink
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I know they have no-tip bowls at Petco. Summer tipped her bowl over everyday, until my Mom gave me her extra no-tip dog she never spills...haha! she couldn't if she tried!
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