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Neko and Doku got catnip for the very first time today! Doku just likes to eat it, but Neko goes crazy for it. Before we got those two most are other cats hated it. So for Neko's birthday he got a toy mouse, ball, cat bed and catnip. He is such a funny little boy.

Anyone have funny stories about catnip and their kitties?
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Aw that's great. So it means Neko had a great birthday. My kitties eat the catnip as well, not when it's fresh they just play with it and sniff it but when it's dried they munch at it like crazy and sometimes I even mix a bit through with their bikkies(is this OK?) and they love their catnip spray I do all the cat trees with that weekly!
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My 3 boys enjoy eating fresh catnip plants and will also eat the dried variety, but they don't act goofy over it. So I'm trying honeysuckle. I've heard cats that don't like catnip may like this. I can't wait for the shipment to arrive.
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Jeeps had her first catnip encounter today in the form of a spray for her kitty tree......... she went nuts, she kept rolling and rolling in it and rolled right off her cat tree. She got up, gave me an 'I meant to do that' look and continued rubbing her face on the tree
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Thats funny, I have to go get that spray now then!
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