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Dusty, what's the highest number of kittens you've ever taken on at one time, how did you manage that many at a time, and how many actually made it?

I have 14 kittens, from 3 or 4 different litters, but all still young enough that they need to be hand fed. I think I'm doing okay, but it's a lot to take one, and few of my babies have me really worried!!
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I'm exhausted just reading your note!

A few years ago we had 14 kittens at once. (Last year we had 12.) Like your gang, they came from three or four different litters. I believe two of them were being weaned while the other nine were being bottle fed. But you know how much work that weaning stage can be. I'm fortunate that my husband is great with the fosters and helps out a lot.

You sound overwhelmed. Is there someone who could foster a couple of the more stable kittens while you concentrate on the needy ones?

Now, here comes the hard part. Sometimes you have to say "no." I try not to do it, but if you're too thinly spread, you can't give ANY of the kittens the care they need.

Another option is to start teaching a friend how to take care of the older kittens so they can graduate to someone else's care while you keep the babies who need so much TLC.

My hat is off to you. It's a lot work. Good luck.
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Thanks Dusty!! It certainly is a lot of work. Fortunetly, I live with 3 other people who are more than willing to help, I also have 3 female cats in my house who seem to help as best they can (cleaning, cuddling, and playing with the babes).
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