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tendonitis -- anyone have it?

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Does anyone on here have tendonitis? About 2 years ago, I went to the doctor because my wrist was bothering me really bad; she diagnosed it as tendonitis. It never really bothered me after that, up until about a month ago, which it really hurt bad. My wrist bone, and the tendons hurt. It went away, but now it has come back, again. My wrist tingles and hurts...... it even hurts near my elbow. The worst is when it throbs! Can tendonitis lead to the carpul tunnel syndrome? I do use the computer quite frequently at home, but not at work. I just bought a gel wrist pad and a gel mouse pad..... but it still bothers me. So, if any of you have this in your wrist, what do you do for it? Thanks!
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Dear Tigger :angel2:

Oh yeah..I sure have had that! It hurts too! I had it in my elbow not in my wrist. I'm sure the pain isn't any easier either way. My good friend had it in her wrist just like you're describing. She didn't go near the computer for two weeks and then she bought a gel pad just as you're thinking of doing. She also keeps an ice pack underneath her wrist as well....She lifts weights so this has affected her wieght training. This is why she is so cautious. So, I hope that helps you a little bit Tigger...I know that's not an easy road to go down on. I've been there and can remember that throbbing. OUCH!!! No fun...but, I know you'll be okay...it's only a matter of time and it'll heal quicker if you stay away from using it so much.

Take Care
Love, Peace &
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