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Hello All!

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HI! I guess i should start by introducing myself! My name is Andrew and I live in Delaware with my three precious darlings: Sadie, Marley, and Abby. Sadie was my first cat and there is an interesting story behind her. My mom first saw Sadie in her backyard, and since my mom though she was a neighbors cat she shooed her away, afraid she would start trouble with my moms 7 indoor cats. After a month went by my mom soon discovered that she had made a permenant home in her yard, and found her eating birdseed and fish food one day. She was soooo thin and starving!! My mom then decided that she would feed her some dry food and was surprised at the affection she was welcomed with. Sadie was obviously someones catand after doing all she could to find an owner she decided she must have been abandoned (our guess was that she was a college student's cat and that after graduation they didn't want her anymore). Now Sadie is all black with piercing gold eyes. After taking her to the vet we discovered that she was declawed and not fixed!! What kind of person would do that you ask...i have no idea! So after a quick check-up i decided that i would like to keep her. Since i always wanted my first cat to be an older one, and since sadie was almost a year old the situation couldnt have been more perfect(even though i would have taken her regardless)! Now sadie is the most bizarre cat i have ever seen, i have never once seen her eat meat (she will actually turn her nose up and walk away disgusted) but she does eat tuna, and oddly enough people junk food, which i usually dont feed her unless shes pestering me extra hard. She is my love an joy, and that skinny little cat i saved is now almost 20 lbs!! Little fatty!! Now marley and abby are sisters, and they were found behind a business on a major road here in delaware and the owner's wife knew my mom and asked if she could find a home for these two. Again i was up for adopting them! Marley is a tabby with a heart of gold, and quite a mouth on her. She has a obsession with those little fake white and gray mice, and every chance she gets she will drop one at my feet wanting me to throw it so she can retreive and bring it back. Cute at first, but tedious after a while(even though i dont have the heart to not throw it for her) i now keep a few in a drawer cause if i dont she ends up knocking them under the stove and fridge which is another fun game she likes to do....having her daddy get them out. Now abby is a gray and white calico who is the cutest thing you have ever seen. She is kind of a loner but like clock-work is always wanting love once i go to bed. In the year and a half i have had her i have never once heard her meow, but sadie and marley do enough of that for her. I am so glad to have found a group of people who have the same affection for cats as i do, and i wish you all a pleasant day!!

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Welcome, Andrew!!! I'm so glad you've joined our TCS family. Please post some pics of your furbabies as soon as possible!

(I met Andrew's mom while in Philly, waiting to pick Marshmallow up. I passed on the TCS website after hearing just how much of a cat lover he is!)

I hope you enjoy it here (=
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Welcome to the board! I know what you mean about those fake mice, they ended up everywhere in the house here, until I started tossing them in a big cardboard box. Now the cats know they can play inside the box with the mice and the mice don't *escape!*
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome Andrew! Your girls sound wonderful, and I agree with Jillian, I would love to see pictures of them!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS to you and your furkids.
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Hi Andrew, welcome to TCS. Glad you have joined us. What a great introduction. We love pictures, btw!
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Thank you very much to all your warm welcomes...i am working on getting pictures on here, but i dont have a lot of recent ones because my kitties are a bit camera shy, but i am working on it, hopefully sometimes this week =)
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to TCS
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But i can still welcome you!! ~grins~
I'd love to see pics of your kitties too!! I'll be having mine up asap......

{owned by Baby and KiKi}
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Hi and welcome!!!

Sounds like you have 3 great girls there!!!!
My cats also love those mice and knock them way back under the furniture, when Stormy was younger she would hide them and then bring them out when she wanted to play...I never did figure out where she hid them!!!
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Welcome Andrew and you fur babies. Look forward to the pics
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Hi Andrew and welcome. Looking forward to seeing your babies.

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Welcome to TCS
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Hello and Welcome Andrew!
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