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Friday DT

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Its raining cats and dogs out there! Found another leak, this time it is in the window Not going to go there about when I tell landlords - her comments are things like "be thankful you have a roof over your head" Well, I owuld like my couch to be dry.

Went out and got the groceries and paid two bills and now I am home with a mean headache and a sore neck. Might lay down and take a rest.

Have a good day.

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Hi Kellye, gutted about the leak. Sorry you aren't feeling so well (((hugs)) hope you're having a nice rest.

Today well I just got up...*yawning* and I'm hungry. Going out real soon, driving up to Foxton(90 minute drive) to visit my dad and his fiance , I'm going with Nana and shall not be back until dark so I'll be back later.

Hopefully everyone has a good day!
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Well this is my first "real" post. I figured a daily thread is a good place to start.

So my day is going pretty well I guess. It's Friday!!!! I actually had a job interview this morning. It was a second interview with the actual manager of the group and another member of the group with whom I'd be working. I think it went pretty well. We laughed and joked a bit which is always a good thing I think. I think they liked my answers too. There's a couple things though. One is that they wanted my transcripts from university... boo! I might not've done so well.... Also, for some reason we had to format a Word document to just look better and I couldn't get the table to work correctly so it doesn't actually look that great. But other than that I think it went well. And I guess the rest of my day has been nothing special. Just work... blah.
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Kellye~hope you start to feel better soon...(((HUGS)))

Sam~Have fun visiting your dad, I am going up to see my dad next week to see him and my sisters. Haven't seen my sisters since Christmas.

sensgirl~Hope you get the job!

TGIF! This has been a long and dreary week, weather wise and myself. We have had company since Tuesday and are about ready to have some alone time! I have been getting less than 6 hours a night of sleep every night...so I will be glad to sleep in the morning! My father-in-law is coming over in the morning to help Zack work in the garage with some project stuff and I am going to get a massage and a pedicure! Then afterwards~Starbucks! Should be a relaxing weekend! Have a great one everyone~I am off to study!

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sensgirl, welcome to the lounge. I hope you get the job, sending some ((Tcs magic)) your way!!

Candie, thanks. Hope you have fun next week. Sorry this week hasn't been the best for you, hope next week it improves.

I must also mention it's a lovely long weekend here.....
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Thanks for the magic and thoughts!

WellingtonCats, is it Waitangi Day there? What is that? I just read it on my calendar. I'm so jealous... no long weekends here until Easter.
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Your welcome!

Yes, it was Waitangi day here yesterday.here's a link to what it's about.

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sensgirl - good luck with the job!
Kellye -hope things get better for you (at least drier)
Sam - have a great visit with your dad!
Caprice - I would love to go have a massage!

I am so tired! I am on 6 pills a day for fertility and they make me feel nausous/dizzy. Oh well - I guess if I get preggers I'll be nausous and dizzy anyway. Might as well get practice!

It has been so crazy at work since we separated out as our own work unit and hired 25 new staff. I supervise 12 of them and do all the scheduling - what a pain! It is very interesting anyway, even if it is a lot of work!

Going to a lacrosse game tomorrow. Those of you in San Jose, Denver and Anehiem - you have teams this year. Have you watched any of it. Colorado's team is excellent. If you enjoy hockey - you'll love lacrosse. I always say hockey is lacrosse for wimps!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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sensgirl - good luck with the job!
Kellye -Hope you feel better after a good rest, sorry about the leak.
Sam - have a fun time with your dad!
Caprice - I'm jealous, a massage!? Can I go too!?
adymarie- sorry to hear you're feeling icky. maybe they can give you something to stop the nausea and dizziness?

My day is going well, of course everyday you're on vacation is a good day!(sorry to rub it in!) We went to Davenport and I returned my shower radio cause the CD player stopped working(we don't actually put it in the shower with us, that's just what the clock is called),then to the mall to get my ring back, some of the diamonds fell into the cahnnel of the ring so hey fixed it, after that, off to PetSmart(of course!)to get cat litter and treats. I found a new squirrel feeder that even better then the one I have now so I'm all pumped waiting for honey to put it up so I can overfeed the squirrels!(cat tv part two! LOL!) Oh yeah I almost forgot, we went to Aquatic pet store and bought two Discus' fish for my tank! one is all bright red, and the other is red and white! Other then that, not to much going on here. Just another lazy day for me!
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We actually got through an entire week, without the computer systems crashing!

Surprise, surprise - yesterday, I accidentally found out that I have a new supervisor. It was certainly nice of the company to let people know, that they're being switched around. I haven't even met the new guy - he just graduated from training, this afternoon. Even my (now) former supe didn't know. HE'S sorry to lose me - my numbers make him look good. As long as the new guy leaves me alone and lets me do my job, we'll get along OK.

Ady, try warm, flat ginger ale, for the nausea. Sounds nasty but, it works.

Tomorrow, I'm taking one of the girls from work on a shopping spree. Its payday and Christy is seriously in need of sartorial advice. Old Pueblo Traders has everything 75% off so, even on her income, she can get a few good pieces. Its been a year, since her divorce and she's getting her confidence back. She's already dyed her hair red and she wants to get out of her old jeans and loose tops, for a change. Retail therapy works wonders.
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