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Cinnamon is our 4 year old mixed breed indoor cat. She is an extremely affectionate cat towards the both of us, even though she is more of mommy's cat, which would be me! But, she has a problem..... she is a biter!! When we pet her she bites, and it's not really a love bite, but more of a harder bite. She has extremely strong jaws! This afternoon, she bit my husband.... I'm guessing for attention? How do we stop her from doing this? We do tell her NO and put her on the ground.... which that does stop her. Any other preventative measures? And, why does she do this?
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Is she an orphan cat ?? Minnosh is an orphan cat; never really had any playmates during her "childhood" & a mother to teach her how to be social..And I think she is deaf in 1 ear; that might be a big reason !..She doesn't love to be touched by people other than I & my husband (like Cinnamon, she's more into me though ) She bites when we pet her. Never drained blood but they are not light bites either !.. Yumosh also bites, but hers are love bites. Actually we play biting game with her, she loves it When she bites harder accidentally, I shriek & she stops biting & bites lightly next time..Anyway, Minnosh stops biting when we say no but I think she doesn't know how hard is hard actually ! She is not a well socialized cat; I didn't introduce her to other people or cats when she was little (cause I didn't know anything about cats) ..Because she is deaf in 1 ear (90%), she startles easily..Biting must be a kind of self-protection mechanism of her..

Well, I don't have any ideas to prevent her biting completely. I just wanted to tell you that I share the same experience.
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hi dodo!
We got Cinnamon from a no-kill shelter when she was 1 yrs. old. We don't know of her past history. She's always kind of given us love bites. I wonder if she just wants so much attention that she feels that if she bites harder, she'll get more? I do know that when we tell her no after she bites, she usually licks your hand and rubs against it! Like Minnosh, Cinnamon has never drawn blood, which is good! I appreciate your input, though!!
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Well, Minnosh first licks & then bites :laughing:
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Hi all! I'm new on here & this is exactly what I was looking for--- why do they bite? We found PJ, 4 1/2 years ago, he was eating out of uor garbage. He was so little, skinny, & all the hair was gone from his neck. He was pitiful looking! My son & husband wanted to bring him in (it was getting cold out), but I was caring for my mother that was very ill at the time, & was afraid he had a disease, so they made him a bed in the garage. To make a long story short, within a few days of going out to feed him, seeing how sweet he was, I took him to the vet, & he was just mal-nurished. So much so that within 6mo, he doubled his weight! I thought he was very young (he was so little), but they said he was about 1 1/2 years old. He was always affectionate with me, hubby, & my son, but anyone else, FORGET IT! It took 2 yrs for him not to run & hide when we had company. Needless to say, he is now the most spoiled cat you ever saw, 7 getting so fat he has a hard time jumping up on the bed! LOL But he just started this biting thing! He'll be laying next to you purring away & just turn around & bite! Sometimes it really hurts! I shriek, tell him NO, & even tweeked his mouth! (Believe me, it didn't hurt), but nothing works. I sure would like to know why they do this. Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry so long, I didn't mean to write a novel! LOL BJ
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Think really hard about what he is doing or whats going on when he does this. Things like did you just finish petting him, is there something different in the room at that moment, any different smells at the moment? If you cant recall, try writing it down after it happens. I would be that theres something triggering it.
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