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To To Feeding Strays

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Hi all. First of all, I think this service is so good!!

I'm writing to ask for advice, help, and I don't know what else. Ilive on a block where a lot of cats are dropped of, cats are never fixed... You know the routine. There has been a lady who comes around and feeds them even in the cold upstate New York weather.

Because she's not coming around quite as much because of the cold, I'd like to start helping as far as feeding goes. Do you have any advice or suggestions? I think it's so cool that she traps a lot of them and gets them fixed at our local vet (Nancy Sikora at Normanside in Albany, NY)
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Thank you for getting involved! My suggestion is to watch for the woman who is currently feeding them, and make a new friend. Ask her for suggestions since she knows the colony.

Good luck. It can be rewarding to take care of ferals (your first leg rub from a very scared kitty) but it can also be frustrating. I've been feeding a grey male for 2 yrs and he won't let me near him. He comes running when he sees me, but he stays 3' away till I've gone up my stairs.

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I agree...definately talk to the lady who is feeding the cats. She can help you figure out which ones haven't yet been spayed/neutered and then you can help her trap them and take them in to be fixed. I am sure she will be delighted to have someone help her take care of this colony of cats.
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You definitely need to make contact with this lady and coordinate your efforts. This would ensure regular feeding for the cats, and may even help reduce your efforts. May I also suggest ear-tipping the cats left ear once they've been fixed? This is becoming a national standard for TNRing which helps the vets and people like yourself recognize which cats have already been fixed. Good luck and thanks for even caring enough to take action.
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I'd put a note with your contact information and your offer to help in a ziplock baggie (weather proof) at her feeding station braced under the corner of a bowl or something. That might be the easiest way to catch her if you don't happen to be around when she feeds. I'm sure she'd love the help.
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