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Those of you who work with animal shelters, would you please speak out?  

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How many here work closely with animal shelters, and or feral rescue- please post here and leave the name of the shelter or organization you work with- thank you! And no, you can't find out why I am being so least not yet!

Also I can only use those of you who work with shelters in the United States....
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I'm not an offical rescue but we due feral rescues and have adopted a few kitties out.
We go by A Purrfect Place
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HELP Humane Society
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I am a volunteer at the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter in Bridgewater NJ and I also am a member of Friends Of Somerset Regional Animal Shelter (FOSRAS)
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I foster cats for:
Helping Endangered and Lost Pets (H.E.L.P.) Their website

I do offsite adoptions for:
Animal Welfare League
Their website

I visit and socialize for:
Orphans of the storm
Their website

I admire and have received ALOT of help from:
Pure Bred Cat Rescue
Her website is

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Hmmm...I wonder is this the suggestion that was made about a month ago by a much loved member being put into action....hmmm...

Curiouser and curioser...

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I volunteer for the Feral Cat Foundation (
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OK I was contacted by a rep for Purina today and they are sending me coupons for a year's worth of food also they said I can donate another set of coupons to an animal shelter. Rather than do one in my area, I will take the names down of members that work with these organizations and draw one name and tell the rep where to send the one set of coupons. I will follow Susan's lead when she won her prize.
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That is very nice of them, and you!
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I foster for the Pat Brody Shelter For Cats (
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I work at the Porter County Animal Shelter in Valparaiso, IN!!!!!!
It's an awesome job!

One of my fave kitties there right now, named Felix:
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Oh, no I posted twice! Ignore this post....heehee, sorry!
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What a great thing to do!
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I volunteered for years with the Durham County Animal Shelter (Durham, NC). They are looking at a rather severe budget shortfall for the upcoming year and that would go a long way.

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I work with A.W.A. Animal welfare assoc. of Warren county, Warrenton, Missouri. We have a great group of caring members that always seem to go the extra mile for an animal in need. I am so proud to be a small part of this group.
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Thanks to all of you who responded. Because of the time frame I had to move quite quickly and I did the drawing this morning-

Congrats go to Charms Dad and the Durham Animal Shelter!!!!!!

George, if you see this before you get my PM email me the address of the shelter and I will let Purina know-

Congrats, and I wish I could have given all of you this special offer!
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Seems like they really needed it there.

Congrats and Thanks Hissy!!

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Volunteer for the Blue Earth\\Nicolette Co. Humane Society (Mankato, MN)
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sorry nOn- but the thread will be closed now so no one else mistakes it and puts in their name. The shelter has been chosen.
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