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Pearl update

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Ever since I have been posting on TCS, I have had various updates on my shy little Pearl. She was born a barn cat, and taken to an abusive home. Over the 3 1/2 years she has been with us, she has progressed and digressed. She has now progressed to tummy rubs! She has lately been much mre accepting of us petting her, and has crawled up in my lap several times. She has taken over my computer chair. I came in yesterday to pet her, and she was laying on her side, so I took the chance on a little stroke to the tummy. She flopped right over and got a full tummy rub, and grabbed my hand when I was stopping. Since then she has asked for another by flopping over on her back. My s/o said she got one from him last night. I never would have thought this shy little girl would get this far.
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That's some good news. I guess it can take awhile for them to open up. Kolohe was very shy, and she used to always hide in our bedroom. Now that 8 months have passed she lets me rub her belly, and she just loves chasing the soft toy balls. Sometimes she will run away from the hubby whenever he tries to pet her. Guess she hasn't put her full trust in him yet. Haha! Maybe she just doesn't like men. Who knows?! Kolohe and Koa will run though, when a stranger comes in the house. They'll stay in our room all day. Just takes getting used to.
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WOW!!! Pearl has really come a long way! Good for her, and I bet you guys are just beaming parents right about now.

For those unfamiliar with Pearl's story, Rebecca was kind enough to let us host her rescue story at www.SaveSamoa.org. You can read Pearl's Story by clicking here.
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Awwwww i'm so pleased she's settled in. You've had a long journey, but it's been worth it!.

Well done!.

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It's always such great news when a kitty comes out of its shell and all that love and hard work pays off. I know it's often one step forward and 2 steps back, but Pearl seems to be responding to the love she's receiving ever so well.

I bet you're delighted with the progress!!!
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It just takes time, especially if the cat has been brutalized. She needs to know that the spot she has landed in currently in her life is safe. You have given her this security and the love- I applaud your efforts. Knowing how frustrating it is when you realize they are in a good place, and yet they haven't realized it yet.

Good for you- I bet she will be a purr baby lap kitty very soon!
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Please forgive me if I'm out of line, but can you tell your daughter from me, good job! I'd have knocked her on her (apply censored word here) too! I am so glad she rescued Pearl and gave her a great furever home!
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I just read her story, what a fantastic update I hope this keeps up, yay!
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That is so awesome.

We have a boxer dog that was obviously knocked around a bit in his former home. He's been with us for a year and a half and is still nervous on his back, but he's come miles from where he was at first. Poor guy.

You are such a good mommy.

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I just read Pearl's story. Congratulations on the progress she's made. Your daughter certainly did the right thing.
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Yeah Pearl!
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That is so great to hear!!
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