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Bob cats

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I was asking out of curiosity on a thread on Bengals as to what size they could grow to, and was suprised at the size they can get.

Then after seeing the size of 'Amber the Bob Cat', i was wondering how big they can get?.

Imagine one of those stretched out on you, i'd love it!!

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I love Bengal cats,

I was at a breader last year and I saw about 30 of them and come of the males were huge but so loving and affectionate. The snow males were the most gorgeous cats I've ever seen, and very large, they almost looked like mini snow tigers. We decided against getting one because they are very pricy and Bengals require a lot of attention, much more then a regular cat.

If you have the time and money to dedicate to them, I say go for it.
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Amber [The Bobcat] is huge because she is not a cat (as in member of the genus Felis) she is a Lynx (Lynx rufus or Lynx canadensis; I don't know which). Bengal cats are not at all related to the Lynxes and are, in fact, hybrids between the ordinary cat (Felis catus/sylvestris/lybica) and the Asian Leopard Cat (Felis/Prinoliarus bengalinsis). The average domestic kitty is about 6-10 pounds and the average Asian Leopard Cat is about 6-10 pounds also. So most Bengals should theoretically be in this range (probably toward the upper end since domestic animals tend larger than their wild counterparts of the same species).
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