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Been a VERY long time coming!!

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Well now that I have a digital camera, I can show off my little furbubbies to you all. I haven't figured out the remote linking to Imagestation as yet and I know everyone here isn't a member there so I'll provide links to the photos for now. At least I think they work.

They are also VERY large photos. I haven't got any software to resize them yet. So please be patient if you take a look. ^_^ But if you have resize on in your Microsoft Internet Browser Version 6 options, they do get sized down.

Introducing Russell

Introducing Esper

Introducing Kitten *Yet to be Named*

More photos are available though only available to Imagestation members only. Working on the resizing issue as best as I can at the moment.

I'll provide links to the Imagestation albums I've made. They are in serious need of editting at present time. So really, they're in draft form at the moment.

Russell's Album

Esper's Album

Kitten's Album
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I'm unable to see the "Introducing.." pictures. I get a message from Imagestation telling me I'm trying to view the pictures from outside Imagestation.
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Drat >_<

I don't know what else to do at this very second.

I'm going to go get some sleep and work on it in the morning.

Sorry guys.

*exasperated sigh*
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What cute kitties! I'm a member of imagestation so I took a look at your albums.

Great job with your camera too! How do you get pictures of the cats' eyes without them looking reflective? I just can't figure it out!
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YAY!!! We finally get to see Mag's kitties!!!

And what gorgeous kitties they are! and WOW, look at that kitten's eyes!! What an amzing blue!

(I'm also a member of Imagestation and had to sign in to see the albums...)
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I am also a memeber of imagestation and was able to see the photoalbum of all your babies. They are just so special you must be a very proud kitty mom - I would be. And you youngests' eyes WOW!!!
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Well I'm not a member because they screwed me over and terminated my account, so I cant see them either
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Mags I couldn't see the individual photos, but I could see the albums. I didn't need to sign in to see them cos I'm always logged on but the albums look good and your cats are gorgeous,especially the new kitten. Thanks for sharing.
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It was so nice to finally see your cats. They're all beautiful, and thanks for sharing their albums with us!
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Thanks for sharing your albums! Pretty cats
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I saw them, they were adorable. You should name your little one Frank (hope he is a boy) after old blue eyes himself: Frank Sinatra
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My gosh,photos are very LARGE! Sorry had to stop downloading so I couldn't see them.
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Still working on it.

Having no software to resice the photos is a nightmare and it sure isn't helping with building a web page.

DOH! Of course! I can resize them using HTML.

Now I remember! >_<

Okay, give me a couple days to put things together.
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You can download Ifran View for free. It's good for resizing.
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