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Someone poisoning pets in Toronto

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This is frightening. They are really only mentioning dogs, but wat about feral cats or wildlife? I hope they catch whoever did this!

Taken from cp24.com

Park Poisoner
Park Poisoner

It was poison. It was deliberate. And it’s now officially a criminal investigation. That’s the conclusion police have reached after analyzing tests on dogs that became sick while walking through Withrow Park this weekend.

One pet died, and it’s the necropsy on that animal that has provided police with their best evidence.

“Preliminary results … indicate that the dog ingested a very toxic pesticide. The stomach contents were examined along with … vomit from the other dogs … and what appears to be some sort of food substance with blue granules embedded in it,†explains Detective Sydney Thomas.

They discovered it was a form of something called an organo carbonate, which is used for agricultural purposes.

Authorities are refusing to say exactly what kind of pesticide is involved, but will reveal that it isn’t readily available to the public, and can only be obtained by a qualified person specifically licensed to buy it. They're checking purchase records to see if they can track down a suspect.

Until then, who put it there and why remains a mystery. “This has definitely left the realm of being an environmental and health issue and we’re now right in the middle of a full-blown criminal investigation,†Thomas advises.

Now that they know what they’re looking for, experts will be back at the park over the next few days taking additional samples. But the area will remain off limits to everyone else.

There had been friction between dog owners and park users about the leash free zone set up in the greenspace, but police still aren’t sure if that’s part of the motive. “Perhaps this is something that’s just gotten out of hand,†suggests Thomas. “And the person responsible didn’t mean for it to get this far.â€

Here is the info about the poison, taken from the same website.

An autopsy on T-Bone, the lone animal who died after ingesting the substance, and an analysis of some hot dog remnants thrown up by another canine victim, came back positive for the deadly substance.

And while police won't say exactly what it is, the actual toxin may be their best clue. It's a form of organocarbamate, usually used to fight noxious weeds.

But it can't be obtained by the general public, requires a license to purchase, is rarely used in Canada and isn't generally available.

That will help narrow down the list of suspects, as investigators check to see who had access to that kind of material.
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Some people are just SICK I hope they catch who ever did this
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Sick and twisted!
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i live in Toronto and this news just made me sick. i can't imagine what reason someone would have for doing this...
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Didn't they also say that there were children who were sick after playing in the park? Its a very very disturbing story.
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There are children sick, but they haven't been linked yet to the poison.
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That happened a while back in Oregon also! That is so wrong to do, they need to get that person and seriously punish them!
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