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Our Daily Thread for Friday!

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Friday! What a concept! Yesterday I endured an inspection from the Housing Authority of Portland (HAP). That's the organization which approves rental-assistance vouchers, for which I qualified after spending three years on the waiting list. (The actual money comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; and they get it from people like me who worked for years prior to incurring a disability.)

Anyway, I was one of the few people picked at random by HAP for this special inspection of my premises. Federal law requires they select 1% of their case load for this type of inspection. Mind, I've never won a thing in my life; but somehow I got "lucky" with HAP!

Sensing a hidden agenda, as I'd previously lodged a complaint with HAP, I sweated bullets over this inspection; so I scoured the place from top to bottom. I'd done so much "psyching up" that when the inspector arrived I think the books even stood to attention. Anyway, we had a pleasant chat; he wrote things on his clipboard; he seemed pleased and went away.

Today is a wonderful day! So, let's play "guess the celebrity" (see photograph below). Hint: She was a household word back in the 1960s.

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Hey Joe...where ya gonna go... sorry, got carried away there! I've been meaning to tell you I that it was really great talking to you the other day. I can't wait to hit the Oregon trail and finally get to meet you. You've really helped me out a lot with your infinite wisdom and it's truly more than appreciated

Wow, this is really great news about this HAP. Well, thank God, and it's about time! So, I'm sure you're not going to question why or doesn't matter :LOL::laughing: as long as it "just is"!

Hey and another great thing is is that your place is spottless!

I never win anything either. I don't know if Ed MacMahnon really exists. I think he's a figament of our imagination Readers Digest conjurred up for marketing purposes.

Joe, I have no idea who that lady is! I think it's Florence Henderson, but I think you're definitely putting someone in there that we will have no idea just cause you're funny and you want to twist with our heads a little...:LOL: That's good though, there's nothing wrong with a head getting twisted on a little tighter.

Well, I wish you the most beautiful day my friend!!

Oh, I forgot to tell ya...that I did go to that site, I realized that it's the group "HOLE" that you're speaking of...isn't that right site you're talkin' about??

Love ya!
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I am just barely too young to remember the 60's, so she looks familiar but no name springs to mind. I think she is a C&W singer, though, not sure why, or perhaps Olivia Newton John (where did that come from?) but I think she's more a disco phenomenon from the 70's. Quite stumped.

The seasons in Texas look like this:

Winter: moderate and dry
Spring: getting warmer and rainy
Summer: very hot and dry
Fall: getting cooler and rainy

Today is the first storm of the season. I began noticing that the weather was changing on Wed. night. I came out of the gym and the air was moving, it has been very still for weeks. It does not feel fresher to me, but I grew up in New England and of course Texas does not have the coastal influence.

Anyway, Wed. night I watched the lightening storms to the north west. They stayed north but slid slightly to the east. Yesterday was cool enough for jeans (under 90F) though in general still hot and sunny. Yesterday evening I could see the clouds moving in. Since the rain usually falls north or south of us (go figure, I sure can't, some kind of microclimate I guess) I expected today to be overcast, yet it is actually raining. Thunder and lightning, wind and rain. It's lovely, more so because it doesn't happen often.

I have a built-in barometer: I get migraines when a storm front comes through. I have been in pain since last night. Didn't happen in New Eng., wonder why it does here? But it's a good day for housecleaning, which is today's big task, and taking the kid to McD's for the playland. Hate the food, love the playland. And, I get to wear my jeans again!
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glad the inspection went well and that they didn't find your stash of illigial contraband :laughing: :laughing:

Yay it's friday!!!

Tomorrow night Robert & I are going to see Janet Jackson, and we have FRONT ROW tickets!!!!!!! I can't wait!

Hopefully we will FINALLY see a movie this weekend. It will either be American Pie 2 or Rush Hour 2.

Hope it's a wonderful weekend for everyone!
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Mr. Cat,

The celebrity is "Twiggy" aka Leslie Hornsby. What do I win??? Happy Friday everyone!

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Mr Cat Glad to hear all went well with HAP. I was a teenager in the sixties and I had a Twiggy hair cut so I did not recognize her at all. I love trying to guess who these people are.

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Well, I've finally finished sorting through my emails! There were so many I thought it would never end... I updated the headlines and cat pages yesterday so things are looking better. Now I have to start working on some new article for Sunday's update. This laptop is a blessing! Hubby's sitting near me and racing cars on his Sony Playstation and I'm clicking away in bed

I'm glad your inspection went well Joe! Catarina, when are you doing the Oregon trail? I guess you explained all about it in one of the threads I still haven't read. How long is it? Hubby would love to hike a long one of the major trails in the US. I think he's planning on walking the Apalachee trail when he's retired (in 14 years time - army people retire at the age of 45).
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Yes, indeed! It's Twiggy! I've attached your prize below.


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Catarina, it was a pleasure speaking with you via telephone. I think you'll really enjoy living at Bend! Yes, Hole.Com is based around Courtney Love and the band Hole. Attached below is an image of "Unpretty Power," a beloved Hole.Commie with whom I was cyber friends. She passed away earlier this year, having died at the scene of a motor-vehicle accident. She'd swerved to avoid an animal in the road and subsequently lost control of her vehicle.

Air Princess, I was able to hide all the drugs and guns in the attic! (Along with the stolen paintings, the gold bars, et cetera.)


Elinor, we've got to see a photograph of you with that Twiggy haircut! Dig through your archives and post it right away.

Anne, thanks for your well-wishes! By the way, I don't think Catarina is going to hike all the way here from Florida; but, then again, maybe she will.

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Mr. Cat,

What?? No car?? Wow! Did you see the price on the ticket back in 1965??? Of course, I was only 12 years old at the time. I wonder what the value of it it now??? Thanks for the lovely parting gift.

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Dear Anne :angel2:

First I'd like to say I'm glad this time I know this will post, because I put this on my word97 and then copy & pasted! I don't know how many time I get through or almost done with either a long posting or even short one, but it's always so frustrating to get booted before I hit submit!'s always good to just leave the computer and then come back later! At that point, I'm laughing Now for the important stuff!

It's really nice to see you here and know that you're laid back and typing away. I have no idea how you finished all that work already! But, I guess that's why you're a webmaster and I'm not! :laughing2 :laughing2
When I mentioned to Mr. Cat that I'd be hitting the Oregon Trail, I was teasing. Do you remember Philip (my boyfriend, the bodybuilder)? Well, we are so happy and we've decided to move to Oregon together It's just so perfect, we both know so many people there. I guess I'll keep this home in Florida (honestly, I'm really a Florida girl) I don't know how well I'll be able to withstand that climate. I heard it gets pretty cold. Heck, I get cold at 60 degrees! So, you can imagine.

Philip has so many opportunities out west that it'd be ridiculous not to go there. So, onward!!! :laughing2
And if we’re lucky, we will get to do some hiking and see some beautiful coutryside!

It's so good to see you untroubled and so happy

Love, Peace &
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Hi Joe :angel2:

Oh, that's such a sad story, but I do remember a story like this. How sad..she was so young and beautiful and I'm sure she must've been a very, very special girl

That's so ironic that you should place a picture of Twiggy up there. A few weeks ago...AOL had featured her on their "Welcome" popup screen. My Mom and I read a bit about her and then I emailed her and basically told her what an influence she had on my life as a young child. I just thought she was so cool!!! Well, I didn't expect an answer and I never got one..:laughing2..but, she was so beautiful to me and all I can remember was that my Uncle Tom, he couldn't stand her! :laughing2...he'd say, "I just don't see what the big is! She's nothing but a skinny little thing!" Well, those were the days! I sure do miss those times.

Thanks for bringing some great memories back!

Love, Peace & (a little before my stompin days....but here ya go)
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Donna, US$5 for The Beatles does seem amazing! But that was expensive, as most concerts still cost US$3.50! (In 1965, a pair of regular Levi's cost US$3.50 as well.) The Beatles gave TWO concerts at Portland back in those days. I was still living in Miami at that time; and I didn't go to their concert at Bayfront Park. (Am I sorry or what?) I listened to it on the radio, but mostly all I could hear was a lot of screaming!

Catarina, what's all this backtracking regarding your coming to Oregon? Sure, it gets cold at Bend in the winter; but there's a solution: warm clothing! It's not like you'll have to go around dressed like Roald Amundsen at the South Pole, or Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest. (Besides, Philip can help keep you warm!) You'll like Bend, I promise!

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Wow.... 1965 beatles ticket!!!!! Thats the year I was born!!! How old did you say you were, Donna...12???? :laughing: ya know I'm teasin' ya!!! (although I WAS born in that makes you.....counts on fingers and toes....) just kiddin' :tounge2:

And Catarina!!!!!!! You are moving to Oregan? I did not know this! I hope it all works out for you and Mr. Georgious... Now you will be closer to Hissy, Joe, and all the other Oreganions...... I am jealous!!!
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I am 37 weeks pregnant today. I can go have this baby anytime now and not be considered preterm. So come on baby, let's go!
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how exciting!! I think you've said before I can't remember what you are having. Have you picked out a name?
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:laughing2:laughing2...I didn't say I was backtracking! :laughing2:laughing2 I just said I didn't like the cold. You're right, you're absolutley right though,it's just that I don't have those kinds of clothes! I'd feel like some transient for sure! That's okay, it's always a nice day to shop! :laughing2 I can remember when working in NJ I had to buy so many things just to stay warm. Those people loved pickin' on me about it too. I guess it's so true, I'm a wimp to the cold. I am it's slave! :laughing2, but're not getting rid of me that easy !!! I'm looking forward to meeting you...
Yer Pal......... C.
PS...I found a great trail to hike! :laughing2 I guess if I start out now, I may make it in two years!

Love, Peace &
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I'm having a boy and his name is Logan.
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That is such a great name. One of my good friends has a son named Logan. I think it's such a strong name.
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I love the name Logan!!! I want to have a baby SO bad!!! Hubby and I discussed it last night, ended up in a huge fight...anyway.....I have to work at 5, have to get up at 4, and here I am still online....better go.
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Logan is a nice name, for sure! Best of health to you and your baby as his arrival time draws so near. Keep us posted!



P.S.: This stork is having one for the road!
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I don't know if it's because it's 10 til 3 in the morning, but I burst out laughing at your 'one for the road'
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According to experts in the field, storks work up quite a thirst lugging all those babies around!

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Stop! my face is starting to hurt from laughing. Where is Deb25 when you need her? she could shed some light on the drinking habits of storks.
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Airborne command posts, such as the E-4B shown below, now coordinate the worldwide stork sorties associated with human births. Even now, a stork has been assigned to Kezzer and is standing by somewhere in her neighborhood waiting for the appropriate BEM (Blessed Event Message) to be issued by the command post. Although some people believe there is no relationship between storks and giving birth, others hasten to point out Spam is not available at Harrod's on odd-numbered Thursdays.

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As long as my stork is drinking water and nothing else, it's all good! As I was waitimg for the picture to load I was half expecting to see a stork holding a brewskie or something similar!
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