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I need a job!

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Well it's been a year and 2 months since I have had a job other than ebay and Kitty Oats, neither of which make enough money to contribute to the finances. My fiance Steven wants to change jobs and is asking me to get a job in the meantime. I have a degree in teaching but have not wanted to go back to it because I didn't feel comfortable teachin. I have done Temporary Service work (hated it by the way). I hate sitting in an office all day. And I have done waitressing work but in order to make any money at that I would have to work nights and weekends which I don't really want to do either. I would like to work retail but again its nights and weekend work. Sooo...here in lies my problem...what in the world am I gonna do? Also, I would like to work at a vet's office but I am scared of dogs so that won't exactly work either. Ugh! I have just about ruled out any jobs so please help
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How about a cat hospital? I mean, it's sort of a vet's clinic w/o dogs, it may probably pay well and may have regular/decent work hours.
Anyway, I wish you good luck!
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I think that's a great suggestion about a cat's only hospital. I worked part time for a year at a small animal hospital - as receptionist then as the billing person, and enjoyed a lot of it!

Another thought, I worked retail at a speciality shop for a few years, sold cat theme items only, and it was a store not open past 5:30 pm....check and see if there isn't a speciality store you might enjoy working at, with no evening hours.

Also...look for a pet products distributor, if you wouldn't mind doing customer service, one distributor I buy from seems to have a wonderful office environment...folks bring their pets (but that's dogs) to work with them

There is also home health care - pays well, and you can request 7 am to 3 pm shifts - it will let you work with/for a variety of folks, and not have you stuck in an office; or check out options at your local hospital, again seeing if you can get the 7 am to 3 pm shift for whatever department/area you are hired for (there are a number of non-medical positions at any hospital). It can be very dependable work (hospital employees also may have better than your average insurance...at least as an RN, I had excellent insurance).

hope one of the above helps or gives you an idea I also hope you are going to continue with Kitty Oats??
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Not trying to sound mean, but sometimes you have to take whatever job you can find. I have worked many jobs I hated, just to get some money coming in. Best of luck in finding something you like and want to do.
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I was also going to suggest working at an animal clinic or hospital, but it's already been stated. Just start looking in your local newspaper and see what's available. Have you ever thought of working in the hotel industry? Or somewhere along those lines. Well good luck in finding something.
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I worked as a csahier at Shopko (discount store similiar to Walmart) a few years ago. The company offered flexible scheduling, and was very willing to accomadate the individual schedules of employees. If Shopko has any stores in your area this may be an option for you.
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Thank you all for your great suggestions! I will look into some of them. I especially like the idea of working in a Cat themed items shop but I might find it hard finding one that has no weekend hours. I will look around. Same with the hotels (we have ALOT) here in Florida but they all require weekend hours and alot of them require you to be fluent in Spanish!

I found a Cat's only hospital in my area, I will give them a call and see if they need any help.

Thanks again eeryone!
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Ginger, I was just wondering if you found a job yet?

I need a job too, and I would really like in a cat themed items shop, or a vet clinic (I don´t mind the dogs, and besides, we don´t have any cats only clinics, but on the other hand there are only 2 vet clinincs here with receptionists, the other clinic only has 1 vet at the time, sometime the owner as well, so they dont need a receptionists)

I may also seem very picky, but I am just not ready to sacrifice time with my son and put him to full time daycare, to take a job I really do not like and is poorly payed and having to pay most of it to daycare. I would rather have less money a while longer (allthough I actaully have had enough of paying all that money for not having any money...)
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
and alot of them require you to be fluent in Spanish!

lol, I wouldn't have trouble if it was only for that!

I haven't got any suggestions, but I am sending vibes that you get a job that you enjoy soon!
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I have a job interview tomorrow. It is at the restaurant in my neighborhood. I could walk to it if I was motivated to do that-lol!
There is a golf course called Carolina's here and the golf "country club" has a restaurant in it called McDivot's. I called there today and asked if they were hiring servers for breakfast and lunch shifts. The manager told me to go by there and fill out an application at 2pm tomorrow. I really hope I get the job since it is so close to home. Thier hours are 7am-8pm so I would not have to work late nights even if they required me to work a few nights a week.
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Well I really don't want the job at the Ccountry Club now. The lady said that I would have to work every Sunday! Yuck!
So I went to another restaurant called Big Bear Brewing Company. It is a really nice restaurand about 5 min. from my house. They are hiring for weekday lunch shifts! I really hope I get the job, I should know something by Monday
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You said that you don't want to go back to teaching, but maybe you could find something fun to teach. Are there any community colleges in your area? The big thing here right now is introductory Internet courses for senior citizens. They're usually during the day, and for a limited number of weeks, so it'd be different groups all the time, which adds variety.
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I loved the subject that I taught before (Natural Science). It was the teaching itself and the disipline that I was not good at. I was too shy to teach. Every day, 7-8 hours a day, felt like giving a book report in school, I hated it! I loved the lesson planning and coming up with new and creative ways to teach, just not the teaching itself.
Thanks for the ideas about the community college teaching, but it's just not for me. I wish I would have realized that before I spent 4 years of college studying Natural Science Education!
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