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Funny behaviors...

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Not all, but a lot of people take behavioral problems way too seriously. And some, certainly are. But, there are a few, that are a little less serious, and a few that are actually somewhat amusing. So, I thought I'd hop in here, and share some of the funny behaviors I see in my cats, and I hope you will all share some of yours as well.

My room-mates cat, Lacy, will walk across the top of the bar, and knock (seemingly intentionaly) all the canned cat-food dishes onto the floor, for the dogs to eat.

Catfish, despite the fact that he's two, or three years old, and should be acting like an adult, will hide in, or under furniture, and spring out at people, other cats, or even the dogs as they walk by.

Catfish also hides under my bed at night, until he figures I'm asleep, and at that point will jump on my feet, bite me really hard and take off down the hall way.

My sweetheart Sylvester loves to climb up the window coverings and lay across the top of the bar that holds them up.

Catfish, is a pretty heavy guy, and loves to sit on laps, but isn't really much on being picked up and held. Well, when my mom came to visit over this last summer, she made the mistake of picking him up. Catfish, grabbed both sides of her head with his front feet, and atempted to bite the very top of his head. She wasn't amused, but I found it down right hilarious!!

That's all, for now, though I'm sure I'll have more to add later, after I think about it for a while.
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Your funny stories really made my day! These are not what I'd class as behavioral problems, though, I call them wonderful quirks.

Let's see, of course I can't think of many right now, but mine all have 'em. And yup, we find them all highly amusing, even when we're mad, we can't help laughing.

I've already described Pixie's delightful boiiiing boiiiing rabbit jumping over the bed in the middle of the night. She will attack hubby's toes, but not mine. He has the nerve to complain, he is the one who encourages her to play in the bed, then wants her to stop when he's sleeping. Duh. Sure, she's gonna understand this. Men. (He knows, we chuckle about this).

Mozart loves to leap on people's backs, scaring the heck out of 'em. (Sicy remembers this!) He's very good about not using his claws when doing this though, so he's a good boy.

Oh, yeah! Mozart likes to wake us up in the middle of the night to announce that he is sleeping with us. He licks me over my nose and lips (freaking me out), then settles in with a nice long sigh. Of course I'm now wide awake.

We have claw marks only on the toilet paper now. This is a big improvement from the lovely TPing all over the bathroom and down the halls.

That's all I can think offhand right now, I'm sure I'll remember some more right after I post this!
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Great stories!

Simon is the best alarm clock in the world. My alarm goes off at 5:55am. If I am not up by 6:05, here comes Simon. First, he just sits there. Then he will try to dig me out from under the sheet. It's hysterical, he digs like a dog! Then as a last resort he with either lay on my back, bite my calf (if my leg is sticking out), or climb on the pillow and pull my hair!
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Onyx has become very wise, he will sit there watching how we open cabinets, and then wrap his paw around the handle and pull it open. (now we have child locks)
Doku bounds across the room like a pony whenever you call her name, also if she gets in trouble and we tell her No!, she will give us a little meow as if to tell us off.
Taylor is a big boy and he likes to sleep on top of you, he has now learned how to roll with you when you move around in bed.
Thats all I can remember though..
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OK, gotta have a story on each of my babies! LOL

If I'm standing and leaning over a counter (say reading or something), Muddy or Koko will jump on my back and climb up to my neck to give me kisses. Muddy will also stand on his hind legs and wrap his arms around my neck for hugs.

Scarlett jumps in bed at night and has HER spot next to my pillow on my right side. If any cat beats her to it, she stares them down until they move, then goes to HER spot, throws herself down, rolls on her back and demands that I rub her tummy. Once satisfied she will crawl under the covers with me.

Scarlett will also lay by the back door in search of leaves. When the door opens, she darts out, grabs one and brings it back in the house.

Stumpy stands on his hind legs to bat at the dogs when the misbehave. He also steps in between the puppies when they get too rowdy with each other.

Eightball comes running every time he hears the leg rest go up on the recliner. For that matter, so do Stumpy, Scarlett, Sage, Dakota, Bogart, Muddy, Koko.......but Eightball is always first.

Tigger climbs walls if by accident you close a door behind him. You should see him on vet day (OMG)!

When Spanky or Sage want love, they walk around the house and cry for us until they find us. Pick them up and they are happy boys.

Oscar senses when I'm on the computer and hones in on my lap immediately.

Pinky lays in the weirdest spots. You might have seen the Caption This of him on the Nordic Trac. I catch him sleeping in spots and wonder "how the heck did you get there?"

Dakota is trying to work into alpha male roll and will not eat off the same snack plate with the others. If he doesn't have his own bowl, he sulks.
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Love the stories! Besides the funny antics you have all described I'd like to add one behavior my girls do that distinguish them from each other (but not the cat species).
How do your cats act when you talk to them? If I lined up my ladies and make a speech this is how they behave:
Joji will sit at attention, but will meow everytime I pause like she's agreeing with me or something.
Skinny will sit too but her head will move owl-like. She will look at me with her head upside down, rightside up,sideways, looking at me like I am the weirdest thing she's ever seen.She does this specially when there are guests and it's pretty funny.
QT will lie flat on her back, her paws up in the air and start wriggling. She will look at me with her tongue sticking out a wee bit.What a clown!
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Originally posted by yayi
Love the stories! Besides the funny antics you have all described I'd like to add one behavior my girls do that distinguish them from each other (but not the cat species).
How do your cats act when you talk to them? If I lined up my ladies and make a speech this is how they behave:
Joji will sit at attention, but will meow everytime I pause like she's agreeing with me or something.
Skinny will sit too but her head will move owl-like. She will look at me with her head upside down, rightside up,sideways, looking at me like I am the weirdest thing she's ever seen.She does this specially when there are guests and it's pretty funny.
QT will lie flat on her back, her paws up in the air and start wriggling. She will look at me with her tongue sticking out a wee bit.What a clown!
LOL!!! I think Anastasia is a lot like Joji! She only talks to me though, I'll say something to her and she'll answer "meow", then my mom or dad or sister will say the exact same thing, exactly like I did and she'll just look at them like they're crazy.

Also, Anastasia will first TP the bathroom with toilet paper, then bring half of it to my room! Then I come home and have to clean it up.

Another strange behaviour that I can think of right now is that if Anastasia can't do something, like open a door, she'll try to find me for help. First, she'll come up and meow until I pay attention to her, then will bring me to whatever she needs help with.

BTW I love all of the other stories, their hilarious!
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Those were brilliant!.

Here's mine.

Rosie also has a foot fetish!. Every night, when the slippers come off in the bedroom, she starts chasing my feet around the bedroom!. The scratches off her around my ankles are unreal!.

When she has one of her 'mad half hours', she usually stops for a breather on the window sill behind the curtains, checks to see if i'm looking by peeping from underneath the curtain, then she's off again!.

I can't close the living room door, if i did, i would be up and down letting her in, because she would cry the place down if the door was shut on her, she thrives on attention!.

Just remembered!. She always 'trys' to claw at the wallpaper when she stretches up against the wall. But when she went for her yearly check to the vets, i always ask them to give her claws a 'manicure'.

When we got back, she did the usual stretch up against the wall and went to put her claws in, only to find her paws just slid down the wall!!. The look on her face was a picture, as if to say "Where's my claws gone?, why are'nt they gripping the wallpaper?!).
You would all still be here if i listed everything

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Anytime I lie down, Snowball immediately jumps on top of me and starts kneading furiously. After about 5 minuts she settles in the breadbox position. When I want to get her off, I try to slowly roll over so she'll have to jump off, but she will adjust, much like a person trying to balance themselves while standing on a barrel, so I can roll from my stomach onto my back, and she'll still be on top of me, as if to say "you done yet?"
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These are so cute...

Scott Farkus bugs me all night long. He has the wettest, coldest nose on earth and he will stick it on my nose about 20 times throughout the night. But, he doesn't just go nose to nose he does the most violent head-butts that I've ever seen. He's hilarious. So, I end up waking up at 2am, petting him for a half hour and then he finally climbs under the covers and is off to sleep.

Belle is another story. I honestly don't know where she sleeps; we can never find her at night. I think she may crawl INTO the box spring as I have caught her going in there before. But, she is quite a talker. My huband says that she's German because she has the throaty MURRRRRR sound. Little stinker.

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Originally posted by glentheman20
Anytime I lie down, Snowball immediately jumps on top of me and starts kneading furiously. After about 5 minuts she settles in the breadbox position. When I want to get her off, I try to slowly roll over so she'll have to jump off, but she will adjust, much like a person trying to balance themselves while standing on a barrel, so I can roll from my stomach onto my back, and she'll still be on top of me, as if to say "you done yet?"
JC does that, too! And he's really heavy. Ever since I brought him home, he has cleaned my ears every morning. As soon as I turn the shower off, I can hear him banging on the bathroom door and yowling. I have to get dressed really quickly (otherwise my shoulders would be shredded), and let him in. He jumps up on my shoulder, and proceeds to very thoroughly clean my right ear. He then cleans the left one, but not quite as painstakingly. If I don't let him in, or prevent him from cleaning my ears, he simply waylays me until he can get the job done. I always have to make sure all soap and shampoo are completely rinsed off. He doesn't clean my husband's ears, but the back of his head. When I asked the people who fostered his mother and the litter about this, they said he always cleaned his mother's ears every morning.
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Ok, all these stories are too funny. I'll start with my Smokey (she passed away in September) When I was growing up & the whole family would go away for 3-4 days she would be left at home by herself (with food & water of coarse). When we would come home you can't believe the lecture she would give us. She was a talker all the time, but when left alone for too long the first person in the door would get a lecture about how we were never to do that to her again.
My Levi is good boy but he has one bad habit that I've tried to break him of, but it's hard because it always happens when I'm sound asleep. You see if Levi wants to be petted & I'm not paying attention, he will bite my fingers. It starts out gentle, but gets harder & harder the longer I wait to pet him. So I've taken to sleeping with my hands under the covers so he can't do that, which often leads to him scratching at the covers like a dog digging in the dirt. As far as my Jordan I could probably go on forever about his sassyness - sillyness. He's a charecter, but the one that I find most amazing is his ability to pin point things that he knows will annoy me enough to wake me up & make me get up & feed him. For example he has figured out how to get into the top of my jewelry box. So he will open it a little bit & let the lid slam. He does this once or twice to wake me up then he opens it with his head & grabs whatever is most convient, brings it out & begins chewing on it knowing full well this act will make me get out of bed. Sometimes I worry he's smarter than I am???
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I have one boy, Taz, that waits until my shower is over then comes in and lays in front of the tub. He knows I can't get out because he's laying right where I have to put my feet. So I have to pat him from the tub and then he moves. But I think he feels this is HIS special time with me as he is very loving during this time. He constantly rubs against my legs and if I stop to try and get ready for work he'll just sit there and stare at me. So of course I have to pat him. This keeps up for almost the entire time I'm in the bathroom. Needless to say, I'm sometimes late for work.
post #14 of 28 the cat stories!!!

My cat summer is currently sleeping on the only shelf in the closet (which is above the clothes rack). How she got up there is anyone's guess, but she sure seems to be enjoying her nap on our extra blankets.
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The stories are great, so I just had to add one about my kitten. He's about 9 months old, and still very playful - loves anything that resembles a string. Well, I have this wool hat that has string ties on it. I guess it still smells like sheep b/c my cat is absolutely fascinated with it! He stalks it and will walk up to it, swat it, then take off running. Well, the other day, he got the nerve to bite it and pull it with him, but he terrified himself in the process. Apparently, he didn't realize that the hat would come along too and not just the string. He literally chased himself around the house with the string still in his mouth and the hat following along! Its amazing how entertaining kittens can be!
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my cats have strange little quirks too...

(This one is more cute than strange) Both of my older cats (CC and Dog) like to groom our kitten Muffin. Dog is sometimes rough with her and if CC sees her doing that, she smacks Dog, and then wraps her arms around Muffin to finish the job properly!

Dog, like many other cats, loves the occasional Pounce treat. But you HAVE to throw it to her and let her chase it. If you just hand it to her, she gives you a dirty look and then bats it really hard across the floor to chase it!

Muffin, well, she likes to steal Q-Tips and hide them in shoes (that one is actually pretty gross), one time we moved the couch to vacuum behind it and we found like 20 Q-Tips!! We've been trying to monitor the bathroom garbage ever since.
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These behaviours are too funny!

My cat Cleo loves to play with her felt mousies and a shoelace. She will howl and cry and carry on like mad until you play with her. Seems to be irrelevant if we are actually asleep at the time she wants to play, she'll just wake us up by jumping on the bed and loudly meowing right into my ear!

I often wake up in the morning to find myself wrapped up in a shoelace and lying on two or three felt mousies that she's brought in with her in the middle of the night.

She is odd because she actually plays "fetch". I throw the mouse and she runs about like mad, jumping and batting her paws at the mousie before carrying it in her mouth and gently placing it on my hand or in my lap. She does a little meow as if to say "Go".

Cute little devil!
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These stories are entertaining!

Peedoodle, when he wants attention will tap on our shoulders at 4am! And if you ignore him, he will continue to do it until you finally pay attention.

If we sit in his favourite chair, he will sit on your lap - it never fails!

Kahu loves to play with my hair, he sort of brushes it for me (hes not the greatest hairstylist) and tries to steal my hairtie.

If I sit on the couch while Kahu is sleeping there, he will immediately sit up and open his legs. What is he trying to tell me there, I wonder!
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Excellent thread.

Ok, where to start. Merlin my 12 year old 22lb friend likes to take a running start and plow himself under my small 2x4 throw rug.

Waits for me outside the shower but when i open the curtain, see ya.

Puts his toys in the water bowl.

Taps my leg to get my attention - especially when on the computer.

Breakfest Time - If i want to sleep in forget it, Meowrrr he says, then he jumps on the bed and steps on my stomach or back depending on the way i'm laying. If that doesn't get a response then it's strip the bed time starting at my face. When he was younger it was the tail in the face routine.

Knowing his human slave did his bidding for the day and filled his belly, replaced his water and litter, Merlin comfortably takes his slaves computer chair for a nice nap while dad goes to work half blurried eye. Cat's are wonderful
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Where do I start!!!!! Well for starters there's Blade my loving little one who just can't seem to keep off my shoulders when I am sitting at the computer. This is the only time he really does it anymore...See picture URL=]HERE[/url]
When he was just alittle guy hed would lay up there for HOURS on end when ever I was watching TV or Reading a book or just sitting there talking to someone.

His Newest thing is to steal Paper towels out of the Trash can and then make sure he catches my attention by strutting around the room Oh so proud that he Caught the silly thing.

Willow On the other hand likes to Tattle tail when ever Blade is doing something he's not suppose to. Like Crawling into my unmentionables drawer ( He seems to love the feeling of silk LOL) Anyway she will come full throttle run right on to my lap and start meowing What I call her whinning meow it's the same sound she made as a little kitten. Then once I ask her whats wrong she will run half way down the hall then stop turn look to see if I am coming and then once she sees I am behind her she runs into the bedroom right to my dresser and sit there and stares at Blade like HAHA I told mom on you. It's the funniest thing!

Willow also will go and get whoever you ask her for. Like one day my SO was in the bedroom working on some of his paper work for his job. I asked her to go get daddy. and next thing I know she runs into the bedroom and started meowing at Mike. So Mike comes out and asks me whats wrong with Willow. and all I could do was laugh!!!! She will also do the same thing with Blade. if you ask her to go get him she will go to where ever he is hiding at the time and then next thing you know there he is standing at you feet with willow looking ohhh so proud!!! I swear it's the only cat I have ever seen that actually does what you ask her to do!!

Blades newest thing is to hide under this Throw rug I just put in our hallway. He started this 2 nights ago and it's become a nightly thing. He hides under it and since when he chooses to do this is the time I am getting ready for work and walking between the Living room and bathroom so I walk past him 4 or more times but at I am walking by He jumps out and attacks my feet and then darts under the silly rug again!!! I swear I wish I had a better camera so I could show you guys!!! I am sure you would all get a kick out of it!!! I will have to try and get some. Hopefully I get atleast one!!!

Anyway now that I have typed a LONG LONG message I am gonna go
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These stories are so funny! Cats certainly seem to find ways both to keep us on our toes and to amuse themselves. Jamie recently broke my desk chair by jumping on it. I replaced it with a swivel chair, and now he's having a lot of fun leaping up on the chair and making it spin. He gets very upset if the chair is pushed in and he can't make it turn. It doesn't seem to make him dizzy at all.
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One last one, my favorite cat Brutus (he passed away last year of old age) he always got a little dribble of milk at 5:30 in the morning because that was when my mom would get up. Well on the weekends we didn't get up that early so he would come in and sit on my chest and start patting my cheeks with his paw until I would wake up!
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Duncan's behavioral eccentricities run the gammet. From his 'pulling' me away from the computer, to kneading my chest while sleeping, to following me everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) seemingly as to not miss anything exciting. There are three males living in our, Mike, and of course, Duncan. Duncan, considers himself to be the alpha male...even though the other two males are human.

One thing that is rather hard to understand is Duncan's taste in music. I'm a musician and have a rather wide variety in music taste. Mike, on the other hand, has one genre that suits him: hard rock. If we are listening to Mike's music, even if it's not playing loud ... Duncan will 'tell us' (with gutteral meows) that he's not happy. Strangly enough, Duncan seems most content with dance music. I wasn't even aware that cats understood what music was. Not that I'm is one of my favorites. I just think it's a little wierd.
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My Ambel girl will always sleep on top of the keyboard whenever my hubby want to use the computer. When he scolded her, she will show a very innocent and move aside, then sleep by using the edge of the keyboard as a pillow. Whenever I want to sleep. She will climb up to the bed and try her backside on top of my face, then only sleep sweetly around me .

My boy garfy only meow to me when we scolded him and the way he act is just like, "ah shutup mummy". The funnist things I can never forgot is that when the vet inject medicine or vaccin to Garfy, he will start to cry from the start until the needle has been pull out. And his cry sound like "meoMoeMOEWwwwwwwww". It really funny at that moment. Of course there will be a lot more it just that I cannot recall at this moment.
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What an amusing thread! Where to start? Okay, my one year old boy, Sandy, has some interesting little quirks. Sometimes, if my sister or I are at the computer, he will come over to the side of the desk where there's more room and sit staring up at it, half posed to jump. He wants to get up next to us, but he never does until we either pat the table or say "Come on up", then he'll get up. He also loves to play with caps to water bottles. Throw one across the floor and he'll go after it like a rocket. The then picks it up in his mouth like a dog and proudly trots around the room with it. He also does this weird little run we call the gorrilla where whe rears up on his hind legs and makes a high pitched "rawwwrraa!" He looks just like Godzilla in the low budget Japanese Godzilla movie, as he stomps across the city.

Our new kitten, Sweetie loves to play with the facet in the bathroom. If my mom, my sister or I are in the bathroom washing our hands or whatever, she stands on top of the facet and bats at the water. She's also a very dainty little girl. Sandy's a pig who drops a lot of food when he eats. So she always cleans up after him before eating out of the bowl herself. If he doesn't cover his business in the liter pan she has to pain-stakingly cover it up before she can do anything in it herself.
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My Dori is scared of her poop! When she uses her litter box she flicks her paw once to cover it and then runs as fast as she can to my closet and hides for a few minutes. She does this every time she uses her litter box. It is so funny because she runs away so fast. Once she cut the corner short and ran smack into the wall, she stopped for a sec and still ran to the closet.
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LOL! Let me share a few of my babies' funny quirks.

Buddy- must jump on my back and ride as I walk around. He LOVES to knead at my neck and shove his head/nose into my neck to cuddle.
Buddy must get on my back right after I get out of the tub and lay on my back for a few minutes until I start trying to get him off then he'd jump off and walk off in a huff!

Buddy & Spike MUST supervise me while I'm bathing-they'd stare at me from the shelves..

Buddy will bring a string to me for me to wave it around for him. If I drop it on the floor, he'd bring it back to me and keep dropping it on my chest/face until I play.

Pepper would drag a string teaser onto my bed as I get ready to go to sleep and keep walking over me until I wave the teaser around for her. She often will come and wind around me begging to be petted and as soon as I start, she'd stick her back/butt up for more! In the mornings, she'd start walking on me and start pawing at my head to wake me up. If I don't wake up and I pull the covers over my head, she'd start digging at the covers until she could see my face or I get up!

Spike comes running whenever I'm on the toilet and proceed to give me VIOLENT nose bumpings with his nose. Sometimes he'd be on my lap, rear up and place his paws on my chest and rub noses harder. Other times if I won't bend my head, he'd reach out with his paw and try to pull my head down near his face.

As Spike would do this to me on the toilet, Buddy would jump on my back/shoulders then proceed to try to catch Spike's tail from my shoulders. Pepper will come and start winding around my ankles begging to be petted.

Spike often would halt me in mid of my walking to get petted- if I'm walking and he wants to be petted, he'd run out front of me then stop in middle of my path. If I walk around him, he'd keep running up front then try to intercede me (often tripping me) and would stand on his back hindlegs with front legs on the walls trying to get me to pet him. (it works!)

Zebra LOVES to rush the sliding door whenver she sees a feral cat outside and will paw like crazy at the door. When she wants to be petted, she'd wait till I look at her then give this pitiful look and meow and I'd immediately stop whatever I'd be doing and pet her.
Zebra also LOVES to chase, be chased and wrestle. She often would race other cats up the catposts to see who beat who to the top!
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Oh, these are great! What entertainment!

The late Guard Cat had an interesting taste in music, yet he could often sleep right through it. He would lie flat on his back right behind the stereo speakers while were were playing an opera. How he could sleep with Renata Tebaldi belting out an aria from Aida beats me! Guard Cat also snored like you wouldn't believe. One time I was downstairs sewing at the far end of the house. My late husband, whom I was caring for at the time, was napping upstairs. I heard this very loud snoring downstairs and my thought was "I have never in 39 years heard my husband snore this loud!" (And he was a snorer, too.) Well, I went upstairs to check on him, and it wasn't my husband snoring at all. It was Guard Cat down the hall! Realize that that noise would have either had to come through the carpeted floor/ceiling and travel about 30 feet or to have traveled 40 feet or so and around three corners! It was loud!

Red Cat has a ritual when he comes in from outside. When my late husband was alive and acting as the doorman for the felines, Red Cat would first rush around the house to find me and demand to be petted. Next he would go downstairs and check to see that his emergency door, the door to the storage room under the stairs, was left unlatched so he could go hide if anyone else came to the house. And only then would this 15-pound hunk of cat head for the food.

Red Cat also seems to have an interesting sense of humor. You know how kids sometimes go to a house, ring the doorbell and run. Well, Red Cat some times comes to the backdoor and meows loudly, then when I go to let him in, he just stands there looking at me for a second, then turns and runs like crazy. He also loved to try to make me scream. He'd hide behind doors or around corners and dash out in front of me. He often startled me enough that I screamed, at which point he'd jump up and down like he was laughing at me. He gave up that last habit about a year ago, though, after I plowed into him hard three times within a week - so hard the vet said it looked like someone had been beating on him.

Purdy, at age 7 or 8, still chases his tail. Sometimes on my bed. At about 4:00 am! Or he'll try to get me up by running down the hall, up over the top of my bed, off the other side and back down the hall. And if I don't get up, he'll do it again and again. Aren't cats fun?
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