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My S/O has a 16 yr old cat with early renal failure. Because she is so old, and sick, he's spoiling her ROTTEN! She gets what ever she want to eat at the time, in moderation of course. If she wants fresh tuna, she gets it. If she wants Friskies kibbles, she gets it. He says at this point in her life, he'll give it to her. And his vet agrees.

Last week, she had an upset stomach, with the accompanying results from both ends. The vet prescribed Hills Feline I/D for her and she LOVES IT! She's eating with no coaxing needed.

The only problem, the prescription is running out, its hard to find and its expensive. About $1 a can. Can anyone suggest an alternative that is similar yet not a presciptive?? Oh, and cheaper!!

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You can buy I/D through any vet clinic - that is the only place they supply those precription diets to. They do not, however, require a prescription for you to buy - unless your clinic has that policy. It's not a law, though, so you could find another clinic that would sell it to you if you decide you want to stick with I/D.

As far as finding something similar, I am not sure what all is out there - unless you go try to find a food that is specifically labeled for sensitive stomachs. Science Diet makes one, as does Nutro.
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You may want to try the Natural Balance food, I think its a little cheaper. My cats have very sensitive stomachs and I have had no problems since they have been on this food. It doesn't have a lot of the ingredients that can upset their stomachs.
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