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Is It Safe...??

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Just wondering if it is safe to use any people products on cats? For example, Clear Eyes or any type of eye drops on a himalayan. I thought I read somewhere that this was ok and I tried putting some on a kleenex and wiping my cats eyes when they get runny. It seems to work well, but then I read somewhere not to do this. Now I am confused.

Also, those of you with persians or himalayans: I know their eyes get runny sometimes, but how much and what color. My cats tears are usually clear but sometimes slightly reddish brown. Is this normal? He just came from the Humane Society I worked at and so he was just recently at the vet. I am sure if it was anything major they would have done something. If anyone can help I appreciate it.
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You shouldn't use human products like eye drops on a cat unless a vet has either prescribed this product or given you permission to use it.

My cat is a DSH, but he also sometimes gets a small amount of clear or
reddish-brown discharge from his eyes and I think this is normal.
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We use clear eyes on our persians.

Our cats eyes run reddy brown and yes this is normal.

Persian syndrome is what our vets call it.
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