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Nico is going in for his neuter tommorow. They said it will be a little different because his testicles never have dropped down
Has anyone went through this with their cat...im quite worried...
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It's just similar to a female getting spayed. Everything should be just fine
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Good luck Nico! Stay strong Himmymommy....I'm sure he'll do just fine! Hugs to you! (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))
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Awww Poor Nico.
Someone i used to work with had their son in hospital for the very same thing. It turned out it was a common, simple procedure, so i would imagine it would be the same?.
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The vet said this morning that he would be fine....
I am supposed to call at 2 to see how he is...
Bob <my manx> is going nutts looking for Nico...he keeps meowing at me
Thanx everyone for the encouragement
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The vet just called and said Nico had a really hard way to go in surgery. Apparently he looked all over for the testicles and only found one...he feels %90 sure that the other testicle is not there...He said we have to wait and see if he displays any studdly behaviour down the road ...
He has 3 inscisions and the vet said it was a very frustrating surgery
He said that he is doing fine but will have a longer recovery than another cat...
I cant wait until he gets home...i miss him
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Lorien this is not uncommon- there is a name for a cat with only one testicle- monorchid. I know you will be glad when he can come back home.
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the vet acted like it was weird...LOL..he must not have dealt with it to many times..
I am glad it is not uncommon though...poor little guy
Thanx hissy
Do you think i should be overly worried about him spraying or anything?
The vet also reccomended i call the breeder and let her know because this can be hereditary and she might want to look at her line?
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Nico is home and I am so glad!!
He has three major incisions ...so the vet told me to put him in a room by himself...
problem is ...he kept sticking his head under the door and getting it stuck and was very upset to be in there alone
So i thought i would go get the dog kennel ...fix it up and make it comfy for him...he threw a fit again...so bad i though he would hurt himself banging against the cage door...
so i let him out....he is calm as long as i dont try to keep him locked up...'
any suggestions...the vet said he really needs to be kept away from the other animals and the stairs...
do you think it will hurt for me to let him stay out? I am watching him and will be here all day...
what would you do?
I dreally rather not stress him further...
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I'm going to merge this with your other threads in H&N, since they all relate to the same topic.
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