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Hello finally!

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Hi everyone! I've been reading this site for a while now and I've always been too shy to write anything. (haha I'm such a dork! ) I did make one previous post but it was buried in the middle of a thread so I've decided to introduce myself for real.

My name is Trish and I have two furbabies. Sparta is my oldest. She's about nine months old now and I got her in September from the humane society. Ares is my newest furbaby. He's about four months old and I just got him on the 21st of January from the humane society. They get along pretty well (well, there is some fighting... playfighting that is!) and I love them so much! I'll be posting pics (when I can get some/figure out how to) in the pictures forum at some point.... I just have to share my little sweeties with the world!

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Welcome dont be shy jump right in
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Hi there Trish and welcome to TCS
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Hello, I'm hootiecat from southern colorado. I hope you enjoy yourself here. seems like everyone is offline or something so i'll seeya later!
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Thanks guys! I'm going to try posting a pic in the furpictures forum. I hope I can do it right...
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Hi Welcome to TCS glad you have finally introduced yourself, have fun.
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Welcome. No one here bites...except maybe a few kitties now and then. You'll find a lot of good advice and support here.
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Hiya - glad you've decided to jump in at last . . . welcome!!!! Everyone here is very friendly and I'm sure you'll feel at home in no time at all!!!
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Welcome to the site! Can't wait to see your furbabies!

Definitely don't be shy!! As I'm sure you can tell by reading, this is a really friendly bunch of people who hang out here.
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Welcome That great of you to save these kitties and give them a loving home

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to TCS
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Hello Trish, Ares and Sparta (Mmm, fond of Ancient Greek civilization perhaps?)
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Hi Trish, and welcome to you and your babies
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Hi there, welcome to you and your kitties
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Glad you finally joined TCS! I too was shy at first, but as I started posting the more and more I liked it here. Everyone is very knowledgable and friendly. See you around! Take care!
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We can't really get to know you on the strength of one or two posts. I am also shy in real life, but as I love to write, I have found I am at ease with this crowd. This is a GREAT Community and we are glad to see you come out of lurkdom.
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Welcome to the cat site!!!!
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Thanks everyone! I'm definitely going to post more now. I wanted to actually introduce myself before I did and I'm so weirdly shy... Anyway I look forward to chatting with you all!

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Hi and welcome to TCS.

Don't feel too shy, jump right in when you feel like it.
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Hi and welcome to this great forum.

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