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My cat is licking herself bald!

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Hi all,
I am new to posting, although not new to lurking and reading everything!
I have a problem with my 10 year old Tabby. She is licking her back right in front of her tail constantly. She is almost bald in that spot. Her skin seems to be fine. No redness, or flaking. However, whenever I pet her back, her skin jumps. (if that makes any sense!) Does anyone have any ideas what her problem might be??

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Does she have fleas? She could have an allergic reaction to fleas or something in the house..? Can you take her to the vet?
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This is something that a vet needs to look at as it *could* be a flea allergy or a parasitic invasion or it could be something such as feline hyperesthesia. Again, your vet should see this cat.
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As usual Hissy is right on. Your kittie needs to see the doc. Ann and I once had a Burmese who did this. He was diagnosed as being neurotic -- believe it! After the pleasant experience of getting a few pills down him it went away.


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My Shalimar used to do that when she had fleas. She was allergic to the flea venom. The only way to clear it up is with a vet's visit, and getting rid of the fleas.
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Thank you all!
I will be taking her in!
I appreciate you all taking the time to answer!

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Yes, please take her to the vet. My cat, Soltie, started doing the samething at about age 9 years. We discovered she had a food allergy. I hate to think of anyone or anything itching. That is soooooooo uncomfortable.
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I had an older cat who had been a stray most of her life. However after she got used to being indoors, she started doing this. Turns out, she only did it when she wasn't getting enough attention. As long as I made sure to pay a lot of attention to her at least once a day she stopped. She was very shy and the dogs are more demanding of attention, in my house if you don't make your demands heard, you don't get what you want LOL!
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my CC had sort of the same thing, except the vet said it was sort of like when people get the "winter blues". she used to pick out her hair on her sides and at the end of winter she would have a mohawk! if there isn't anything physically wrong with her, she might just be bored
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