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Hi. My name is Amanda, and I live in New Jersey. I have 2 cats, Spud and Shadow.

Spud was my "MOM I WANT A CAT." complaint when I was in 3rd grade. I'm now a senior in high school, and Spud's grown up to be a beautiful, strong cat that I've always accepted responsibility for. He's one of the most well-behaved cats I've ever come across. He has a beautiful all-black coat, and he's muscular. He also has quite the attitute - he shows my border collie a thing or two whenever he gets too close.

Shadow is a long story. My boyfriend's aunt heard Patches [a feral cat that she feeds] meowing over something. When she went to inspect the cat, there was Shadow. Patches took Shadow up to the roof and wouldn't move from there, and protected him. But Patches was a wreck - she was so skinny she could barely walk, and Shadow looked starved. I went to the pet store, and bought about $75 worth of supplies to take the kitten home because he looked like he was going to die, as did Patches. I went out on their porch, and there was Shadow, crying his heart out because it was so hot and he was hungry. I immedately took him to my boyfriend's mother's car, and tried to keep him warm, not burning hot. I mixed formula and fed him.
But that was in the Bronx. I live in New Jersey. So upon calling my mother and informing her that I was now a mother, she told me to come home with the cat as soon as possible. So we drove all the way back to New Jersey as Shadow slept, his belly full.
He had to be fed every 3 hours, so my brother and I took turns during night feedings. I even took him to school on days he wouldn't be home - and everyone loved him. The was great because I was able to get him socialized, which helped him turn out to be a wonderful, playful kitten.

Well, those are their stories.
I hope to be learning a lot more than I know here, and even though Spud's an adult, he's never had a single health problem - so I don't know a lot about them, therefore I'm keeping my ears open to learn as much as possible.

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I think you'll like it here!
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Welcome. You sound like such a good mommy.


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welcome! its a wonderful thing you did for your baby kitty
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Hi and welcome to TCS. Any photos? - we like photos!
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I'm going to second the request for photos!
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Welcome to the site Mande! How wonderful of you and your brother to take on such responsibility to hand raise a bottle baby!! Perhaps you may be interested in our Guest Speaker Forum, Bottle Babies located within the Cats SOS forum. Our Guest is the author of Kittens for Dummies and has much experience raising bottle babies.

Scritches to Spud and Shadow.
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Welcome Amanda - you're such a love for taking in that poor stray kitty, I can tell you'll fit in famously here, coz we all love cats to bits.

Could you post some pics of your terrible twosome when you get a moment, I'd love to see them!!!
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Welcome Amanda, Spud and Shadow!
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Welcome to the site Amanda, hurry with your pictures of your babies
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Welcome to TCS
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Welcome aboard Amanda, Spud and Shadow. That was wonderful for what you did to help the poor baby.
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Hi Mande! Welcome to TCS- Loved reading about your two cats! Spud is such a clever name I hope you have pictures to share! Have fun!!
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