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Oh no!!

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When I woke up this morning my tuxedo kitty Zipper did something strange, she peeked over the bed and kinda growled at me then took off. This is very unuaual for her, so I looked her over, and she has a thick white vaginal discharge!! I did a search on it and I think she has pyometra !! She is not spayed and just came out of heat. I want to get her spayed asap, and was planning on it as soon as my tax returns got in anyway.
I am sooo worried. If it pyometra, what are the risks of a spay done right now? Any information you all have on it would be appreciated.
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go to this link it will explain and guide you on how to go about getting your baby spayed and on meds.


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sorry here is the direct link

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Money is not really a problem for me right now. I can afford one spay,(I have two other females that need it), and hopefully the medications won't be too much. I was looking for information on the infection and chances of complications ect. I am so worried for my baby. When/if she has the spay, does anybody know what kind of meds she will be put on??
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If it's an infection then most definately an antibiotic - which usually dosen't break the bank by any means. The vet visit and antibiotics won't cost you more than a nice dinner out.
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Also, the vet is the best person to talk to and have all your questions, concerns and worries answered.
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Please take this cat into the vet today! If it is pyometra, you stand a good chance of losing this cat if the bacteria builds up inside of her and a spay is not done quickly. The bacteria becomes very toxic and the cat will fade quickly. Refusing to eat, becoming very lethargic and soon she will be gone. Please take her in to be seen and diagnosed by a proper vet!
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according to what Im reading the treatment is to spay heres the link

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I've got an 8:30 spay appointment for tommarow morning.
I called around to some vets and ask how much the opperation would be if she does have it and it ranged from 130-800 dollars. I'm getting it done at the clinic that the North Texas Humane Society takes their animals to cause I talked to the receptionist and she said the doctor has done many spays with this infection.

Tell me though, with the symptoms I described, (somewhat thick, white, vaginal discharge, otherwise acting normally, just got out of estrous about a weeka and 1/2 ago) what other ailments have these sort of symptoms, just so I might feel a little better? Also this cat is only about nine-ten months old and I read that it's usually only in older cats?? Sorry for the long post, I'm just hoping it might be something a little less serious.
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It might be, and hopefully it is, but really only a vet can truly diagnose your cat. Thank you for seeking a vet's advice and making an appointment.
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Good luck!!
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Thanks a lot guys, and I'll post back as soon as I know something. Say some prayers for my little Zipper :angel2: .
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Well it was pyometra and the spay was done succesfully. They gave me the cure-all Clavamox for what they said was the worst case they'd ever seen in such a young cat. Is there nothing else?? Well, she's home and being not too comfortable, wanting to clean but hurting too much. She looks sooo skinny now! When I first got her she had big belly and then I cut her feeding down and she went down to a 'perfect' size. Now when you look strait down at her, it's almost gross how concave it is. !! Well I'll tell you all if anything else happens.
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Glad she has been spayed and has been put on Clavamox. I hope she recovers nicely.

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She is doing fine, a little too fine for how long it's been! And to my surprise I discovered that she LIKES her clavamox!!! So instead of shoving it in her mouth I put it on a plate and she slops it up!! If only they all loved it huh?!
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