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Mia has a home!

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The lady that came tonight to meet the two newcomers was bowled over with Mia's purrsonality. This kitten was totally wild in the yard, and I had loaned out my cage to a friend, so I put Clayton in one cage, and Mia in a crate. Mia was in there for about 12 hours before I got my cage back, and when I transferred her from kitty carrier to cage, she was a completely loveable wonderful kitty!

Edna just lost her husband and wants something to transfer her love to and we sat at the table with Mia in her lap and Edna continually stroking Mia's soft fur. Then I went over to see Edna's place and it was really nice. There was a room all set up for a new kitty, so I left Mia there with great pleasure. I think the two of them were made for each other. Now, I have to find a place for Clayton, which will be tougher because he is older and he looks pretty scruffy.
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It's great to know Mia has a wonderful new home!

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that's gotta feel great.

I'm sure there is someone out there with love in their heart for a scruffy little guy named Clayton & I'm sure you'll find them

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Oh Hissy!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear about Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how it feels needing a furbaby to transfer your love to! I am so glad Mia has such a wonderful home!!
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Yeah, Hissy! That's wonderful news. Sounds like Mia has one wonderful new home.
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Clayton is just waiting for the purrfect family - then he will magically spruce himslef up and be adopted!
That is wonderful new about Mia - Edna is one lucky lady.
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