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Cat going into heat

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My neighbours adopted a female cat, and have an appointment to have her spayed. But, in the meantime, she has been going into heat every second week, poor little girl! We wondered if the presence of a male, neutered cat in the same building could be causing this? (They live in the apartment above mine in an old house) Does he still have hormones that she responds to? They don't have much contact, but can smell each other under the doors, and see each other once in a while when we are supervising.
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I hate to say this - she will keep on going into heat very frequently until she is spayed or mated. Since you say the male is neutered - I doubt he is the reason - it's just her time.

Please tell them to be extra careful with her - I am sure they don't want her eescaping to find a boyfriend.
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They are being very careful, she would have to get past four closed doors to escape. And they put their names in at several low cost clinics, and took the first appointment that came up, which is in another 1 1/2 weeks. The poor little cat is so desperate, its sad to see her try to get into my apartment, where she knows other cats live.
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Just before Rosie was spayed, there was one cat who just sat at the back door all the time!!
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A female cat going into a heat cycle is a sign that she has reached sexual maturity. It is not due to the presence of a male cat, neutered or whole, (meaning not neutered). She will continue to fo into heat cycles until she is spayed or mated.

Although a neutered male can't father kittens, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will not react to hormones given off by a female cat on heat. You neighbours will have to be VERY vigilant until she is spayed. A female cat on heat can quite easily find a way out of the building if given a chance.
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They are being vigilant, and so am I. Poor Sam is upset by having her outside the door, and Bailey just growls at her, which is unusual, Bailey has never growled at another cat before.

They live in the attic apartment on the top floor of our building, and really, they are extremely careful, she is always locked in their apartment or the hallway. She has absolutely no access to the outside. And they took the first available appointment for spaying.

We were all just so surprised that she is going into heat every other week. I had no idea that it happened so frequently. When I got Bailey, she went into heat after two weeks, and after one night of that commotion, I called the vet and had her in there the next week.

She has already apparently had a litter of kittens. She was abandoned and living in an old barn / warehouse. And she is the most adorable affectionate little manx cat. And I am sure will be more adorable once she is not going into heat and keeping the whole house awake at night.
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She began going into heat for the first time and since then has been cycling into heat every other week; that is several days in heat, with a peak heat for two days, then several days out of heat, and back into heat again.

My other two cats, Cindy and Lucy, are spayed and we're feeding a stray cat, Mooie, that has absolutely no interest in Punky in heat, so I'm assuming that Mooie is a spayed female or possibly a neutered male, but I don't see any male plumbing. Punky continues to cycle into heat and she'll just look through the window or approach the patio door, but she doesn't seem too interested in going outside.

I was really ill with the flu and the weather has been horrible here, so I'm waiting for a week or two before making a spay appointment.

(BTW, I don't see or hear any intact male cats around, and the stray female cats appear to be the real survivors.) My husband spotted a tortie cat outside that looked exactly like Punky, only bigger.
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