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Just a few questions...

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I got my cat Shadow neutered today [I'm a nervous wreck - I worry about him all the time], and was just wondering if there was anything I could do to make him more comfortable when he gets home. Is there anything specific I can give him food-wise? I know he's going to get all the attention he wants - he deserves it. He's been through a lot [he's a stray I saved from the Bronx when he was 2 weeks old - mother was too weak to feed him. Boyfriend's aunt took the mother, I took the kitten.]

Any help would be wonderful. Thanks.
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I would just leave him alone. All of my cats like to crawl under the bed and wait out their healing. I push warm towels, food and water under there so they don't have to come out to eat and within a couple of days, all should be well.

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He might not want to eat when he gets home. Sometimes they feel nasty from the anesthesia (plus the stress of being in the vet, and the neuter itself of course!) Just make sure he's in a nice quiet place and don't let him jump on stuff or wear himself out. Usually,they won't anyway. He'll probably just want to sleep. Also, don't let him lick on the surgery site too much.

If you have another cat, make sure that the 2nd one doesn't bug Shadow too much.

You'll see, he'll feel a million times better tomorrow! My two boys were totally fine. Good luck and give him a good head scratch from me! He's a brave boy!
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Thanks for the information.

Right now Shadow doesn't want to be anywhere else but my lap. I can't move much because I don't want him to get hurt. Everything's a-ok. Thanks guys
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Oh, I'm so glad.

Poor Shadow. I know it's definatly best for them to be fixed, but it sure makes you feel bad for your precious babies when they are hurting like that. Give him lots of hugs; your a good mommy.

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Give him a couple of days and he'll be his normal self!.

I know what you mean about not being able to move!.I was the same with Rosie when she was curled up on me after her op, even now!. I could be desperate for the bathroom, but she looks that comfy i can't move her!.
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And while you're at it, maybe 0.5mg Ativan for yourself
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Originally posted by stephenq
And while you're at it, maybe 0.5mg Ativan for yourself
Ohhhhhhh, that stuff is good. Gotta be careful with it or you'll get hooked.

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