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Good new's for a change !

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I have a job ! It is called Vacation Properties Realty ,they have time share homes, cabins,rooms,apts. ect..... And it is open all year long,so I won't be laid off at the end of the season!My old boss at the nursing home is the housekeepeing boss here,so I had no problem getting hired.In fact she called me,to see if I wanted a job.The only problem is I don't start intill the end of March.I will be a housekeeper and her assisent(sp) I will also be making sure the places are clean,checking the places after the housekeepers are done. And the pay starts out at $8:00 a hour and jumps to $10:00 a hour after 90 days.!Not to bad after making $6:00 a hour at the hotel!And putting up with his crap!I am so happy!!!
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Let's hope that this is the beginning of good news from you. ^_^
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Congrats!!! I knew things were going to be better for you!!
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What fabulous news! Congrats!
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Fab news - congrats, you'll do well
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Terrific! I knew something would have to start going right for you. Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy the new job.
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That wonderful !
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Brilliant news!!
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Great news!! I hope this is just the start of good things for you.
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Sherral I'm so glad for you! Finally some good news coming your way!
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That's excellent! Congrats Sherral!

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Congrats Sherral! I'm so happy for you!
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Yay!! Congrats Sherral!
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