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Feral Change

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I have had a black/white cat running this colony for two and a half years. For the last two days there has been a coal-black cat running around with MotherCat (she's in heat) and ValeriCat. Does this mean that something has happened to DaddyCat/ I know this is silly but I don't think DaddyCat would just up and leave his family. I don't like this new cat. Any ideas? Any suggestions? If I just stop feeding these cats will they just die? (God that makes me sick)
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Why would you stop feeding the colony over something Mother Nature planned?? Its called Survival of the Fittest. Most likely the black cat and Daddycat fought and the black cat won. So he won the right to have the babies. That doesn't mean Daddycat is out of the picture. If he's been Alpha in this colony, he'll be back.

PS...if you stop feeding them, they'll find another food source...most likely garbage from your garbage cans.
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Also please trap these cats and at least get them spayed and neutered- that will stop some of the fighting, if not all and certainly stop the proliferation of kittens. Contact a local rescue organization to help you. Feeding them is great, but spaying and neutering them and then releasing them is so much better.

You may not like the newcomer, but it is the way of a colony and when one cat challenges another and the newcomer wins, the new one stays and the older one goes away.
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Thank you all for your help. I guess I'm just a little foolish about my outsiders. I don't like to see change and I am afraid that they will get hurt. I am also afraid that the new male will kill little Princess because she is the youngest and obviously not his. Sorry for being a pain.
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KittenKiya, Did AzCats get back in touch with you? Have they helped you find someone to trap the cats for you?
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Kitten please don't feel that you are being a pain! Because you are not. Ferals are the most misunderstood cats and their ways are not easy to adjust to. You are to be commended that you are feeding this colony and watching it so closely, but the most important part of being a caretaker for a colony is to spay and neuter. I don't know how many cats are in this colony, but in my area, three times a month a mobile spay and neuter truck arrives in various locations and spays and neuters ferals for a donation. Often times, I have gotten my rescues done by volunteering to be a part of a very busy weekend of spaying and neutering. It is an eye opening experience because the dedicated workers only do ferals, not house cats, or even socialized outside cats.

If you can locate a cat rescue near you, perhaps you can come to some sort of arrangement with them to get these cats done without it being prohibitively expensive on you?

Here's a link that might help you- also StrayPetAdvocacy is a good one- operated by several members here (who incidently, when they arrived here? They didn't know to much about ferals either!)

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You are not a pain
The three ferals that showed up at my house 1 female (produced 4 kittens) and 2 males have all been fixed. Before the last male was fixed he would fight with the neutered male and try to run him off. Well now that they both are fixed, the two males still do not like each other and will growl if one gets too close, but the fighting has stoped. One night when it was really cold (They stay in my garage) the two males (who do not like each other) where sleeping in the dogs bed but when they are awake, there is no way they would be that close to each other. So if you could TNR these ferals in your yard they can live in harmony together for you to enjoy
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I'm in the same boat you are...still learning. I've only been caretaker for this very small colony for about 1 1/2 years. Untill I started coming to this forum, I didn't know about TNR. And I'm still scared of it. With the horrible winter the Northeast has been having, I don't want to trap till spring. But thats too late.

I wish my area had a mobile neuter clinic. I have to work with local vets. Since this is a suburb of NY, their prices are still high. But I'm looking! I'm contacting the no-kill shelters to find someone CHEAP! I can't afford $100 per cat.

Good luck with your colony. Spay/neuter them or the colony will continue to grow.

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Yes, I called them this morning and also e-mailed them my information. I hope they get back to me soon. I promised to take the babies back when they are fixed, they will have a home forever. I am also going to check to see if I can get some cat food from the supermarket after it has expired. I love these babies. MotherCat and ValerieCat are so much alike I have trouble telling them apart. Little Miss Tippy-Tail is very much afraid of me, but the newest, Princess will come right up to the feed bowl with me still there. I just can't move. These babies didn't ask for this, but I will do the best I can for them for as long as they want to stay and live around me. Thank you everyone for your support and friendship.
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If you email me, I may be able to help you quicker-

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Oh, what a relief! I'm glad daddy cat is back!
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He was out tomcatting that little &%%**^))(. I knew he wouldn't just up and leave his family. He's not limping, he's not bleeding, he's not messed up, he just went out to sow some wild oats. I've got to get these guys fixed!!!!
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Hissy, did you get my email? I have not heard from AZCats. I called and emailed them. Aside from being patient (Right) what else can I do? Should I start tapering off on the food?
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