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bad teeth - old cat!

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My little Tulip is 18 years old and apart from when she was a kitten (cat flu) has never had a days illness in her life. Never a big eater she started to eat even less than usual. I kept an eye on her and took her to the vet on Tuesday. She is already under the 7 Up programme for senior pets and they said her gums were inflamed and teeth a bit yukky. So we get tablets etc and go back today. Not so imflamed but they advise knocking her out and giving her teeth a good going over and removing any that need it. They took blood work re the anesthetic etc. We go back next Tuesday for the results (she also has the beginning of a thyroid problem) No other lumps or bumps that cause any concern at all. Well my question is has any one else had an old cat go under anesthic and live to tell the tale. I know she is uncomfortable with her teeth and I want to get it sorted - also her thyroid and I dont advocate doing nothing but I am a bit scared. Tulip is old and gets confused, shes spiteful and a general pain in the a@@ when she want something but shes my baby and I love her. They talked about a drip when she was on the anesthetic - any one know what this means. I know there is a risk in any op whatever the age of the pet and I know the vet is kind and good and will do their best but..........
Reassurance is what I need right now I think.
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my cat went under for some blood work a while ago (she is 15) and it took her a long time to return back to normal. the vet said a couple of hours but it took 24. i'm sure the vet realizes your cat is older and probably won't give her too much
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I haven't personally, but my friend in Wales has an old cat who she rescued from a neighbour who really didn't care for him and he had all his teeth removed as they were so bad.

He became a new cat; energetic with a voracious appetite - the bad teeth were stopping him from eating pretty much.

Sadly he now had kidney failure and is on meds, but sometimes the kitten in him still shines through - he's a real survivor.

So, although no 2 cats are the same, there is every chance that Tulip will be fine. However go by the vet's advice on this.
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Thanks for the replies guys. I know its for the best and she is a sparky little thing so I'm confident she will get through this - but will I
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