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It's a six-pack!

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My 3 year old gray tabby had been very pregnant for some time now, and I'd been anxiously checking her as soon as I wake up and get home from work. I was beginning to get worried because she was getting overdue. This was the 66th day, but today was finally the day! I woke up at 7 this morning and immediately went to find her. I had set up a cardboard box with shredded paper for her and she actually used it too! There she was, looking up at me and purring away, with six tiny babies in a row by her belly.

She wasn't boring with the variety of colors either. She had 2 oranges, one black, one gray, and what I think are 2 colorpoints. They are all white but there's no fur on their ears yet.

They are all absolutely adorable and I may have to buy a digital camera so you can see just how beautiful they are!
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:angel2: :angel2: :angel2:

Can't wait to see pics of the little guys!
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Congratulations! I am so glad she used the box to have the babies. I also can't wait for pics.
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Congratulations!! I'd love to see pictures of them sometime if you get a chance.
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Oh Fireshoes!!! Yippee!!! You're so cute!! I'm very excited for you! You sound so happy!! She must've had a great delivery without a hitch, bless her little heart!

Is this her first litter? Awwww....well good luck!

Keep us posted will you? Can't wait to see the photos!

Love, Peace &

Found a cute pic for ya
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How Exciting!!! This certainly has been a summer for new arrivals at TCS!!!! I'm so glad everything went so well. . . . :pinky:
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Congratulations!!! Keep us updated on your six-pack. Can't wait to see pics!!!!!
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I am glad they all made the journey okay
Yes, if they are white right now, the color will develope over the next few weeks. In order to have a pure white cat, at least one of the parents have to be pure white. Any ideas who dad is??
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This is wonderful news. Congratulations on becomming a Gramma!
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Oh Fireshoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad all 6 of the babies are doing well!!!!

By the way.....would you consider giving up one of the orange kittens for adoption, when they are old enough to be away from their moma?????????

I have wanted an orange kitten so badly!!!!!!!!!

I have tried twice, and given up. Both times I named it Milo.....from one of my favorite movies, Milo and Otis.....with the dog and the little orange kitten....

The first time, a year ago, I got an orange kitten at the same time as I got my Peaches, they were brother and sister....both of them disappeared when they were only a few months old, for several days.....but only Peaches made it back. (she was orange and white spotted)

So then when this spring, Patches had a baby kitten that was Orange, I named him Milo again......but yet again.......he died.

Knoxville isn't so very far away. and if you decide not to keep one of them.......Please let me know!!!!! Preferably a male, so I can call him Milo.....for the third time.....but a female would be okay....
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Debby, I'd be happy to let you adopt a kitty! My dad thinks we have too many hehe. I already have an orange from her littler this spring, but I am keeping him and his seal-point brother with me when I get an apartment in Des Moines this fall. If the personality of this litter is even half as good as her last, you will get an incredibly affectionate little kitty. BTW, the orange one from this spring has magnificent amber eyes. I am really hoping these 2 have the same color eyes. Their daddy was orange too and he has yellow eyes.

One of the 'white' kittens looks almost cream in color. I think it is orange/red just diluted down by the all the white fur, so if it's a colorpoint that would be called flamepoint, right? I'm not sure on the other one yet.

I finally get to spend a little time with them tomorrow morning, as I've been working a ton, but so far everyone is doing great. I noticed the gray one and an orange one both have a white mask too. I'm hoping to have a digital camera within a week, so you can all see the little ones!
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Fireshoes!!!!!!! Thank you for letting me adopt one of the orange babies!!!!!!!!!! As far as colorpoints go though, I have no clue....that may be a question for the breeders corner here!
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Congratulations on the new arrivals! Kittens are so sweet to have around? I hope you're going to have her spayed though as there are so many sweet little ones looking for good homes...
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