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How horribly sad for her!! Emma is a kitty, that was braught into my care by one of the children that live around here. I'm not sure how he caught her, she wasn't real friendly. But, I took her, and kept her locked in my bath-room for the night, and took her to the Humane Society with me in the morning. I put her in a pen, and slipped her some food, and water, and a small hand-ful of treats, and left her to cope with her new surroundings. Later on, in the day, one of our other staff members went to re-feed her, and she flipped out, and litterely "flew" out of her pen, right over this girls head. So, she was then loose, in the grouch-room, for about a week, maybe two. At this time, we also had another loose one out and about in the room... "Fizzy", and the two made great friends. We kept them for a while, and saw to it that they were both spayed, and taken care of. Then, the blow came... Our board had decided that if we had over 40 cats at a time, some must be put to sleep. This was, a new policy for all of us. And, I for one wasn't dealing so well with it. Emma and Fizz were a few on the list of firsts. So, I did a really bad thing... I opened the door that leads from the grouch room to the outer door, and I opened the outer door, as well. Yes, I was going to turn both of these cats out into the wild, they just seemed to belong there. Emma I knew had been out-side for along time, and Fizzy came from a farm, so I knew she would do just as well. However, instead of running outside, they both ran down the stairs, and into the basement. Just as well, no one could catch them down there, and I made it a point not to even try. I told my director that I "must not have shut the door tight enough" when I came in that morning, and both cats "took off" for the basement. About a month ago, someone caught Fizzy, and braught her back up-stairs. Somehow, our director had forgotten all about the death sentance. Emma was still loose in our basement at this time. Until last week. I was down-stairs, cleaning up after the dogs, and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye - Emma! And she was just sitting there, staring at me. So, I figured... Why not try to pet her? The worst that'll happen is she'll bite me. Wouldn't the first time I've been bit, and I'm sure it wouldn't have been the last. She hissed a little, but she did let me touch her, and eventually, over the course of the day, she warmed up to me enough for me to wrap her in a towel (to avoid being attacked) and put her in a kennel to take her up-stairs. This, was SERIOUSLY against my will, but poor Emma was so thin, I could feel every bone in her body, and I knew that if we didn't get her in a cage, and start hand feeding her everyday, she was going to die. Now, we had put fresh food in the basement for her and Fizz since they'd gone down there. Apperently, she wasn't interested in it, because she obviously hadn't eaten in a long time. So, I took her up stairs, and for a week, or so, I hand fed her, everyday, and when I wasn't there, someone else made sure to do it. She came around, more and more, and just a few days ago, I picked her up, out of her cage, and she whirled around on my shoulders, and purred into my head, and was acting just plain silly. Poor Emma's fight wasn't up yet though. Our Director said that we could keep her, but she had to go to the vet and have a really good check up, one because she was so thin, and two because she hadn't been looked at sinse her spay. So, I took her to the vets office, and explained to them that this was one of the sweetest kitties, and the saddest stories I've ever seen. And they said they'd do their best for her, and I knew they would. However, sadly enough, I no more got back into the office at the Humane Society, and the vet called... Emma had FeLV in the worst of ways, and there was nothing they could do. My director left the choice up to me, and it was a hard one to make, but I told the vet this morning to go ahead, and euthinize Emma.
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I am so sorry. You did your very best. She loved you and am sure recognized you as her guardian Now her suffering is over...<<<hugs>>>
To Emma, goodbye sweet one!You are in a better place!
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At least, Fizz tested negative, which is a huge surprise. I was almost sure that she would have caught it from Emm. But, she apperently didn't, and the vet said that Fizz was in pretty good health. I'll miss Emma though, a lot. I loved the was she used to rub her face all over me and touch her nose against mine, and she'd purr. She was a sweety in her last few days. Not much to say about the rest of her time at the shelter though, she was pretty wicked for most of it!
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You did the best you could, and you obviously cared deeply for her. RIP Emma angel And I'm glad Fizz is negative.
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RIP baby Emma
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Sorry you lost this little one, but you made her last days more comfortable and caring.
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